kimmyangelkimmyangel I'm no angel, but i can be sweet ^^


My name is Kim,
I first came in contact with anime and manga trough sailor moon & cardcaptor sakura. I loved these shows and started looking for more shows online. My first figure was kanu unchou wet uniform. I mostly collect ikki tousen & love live school idol.
I can't help myself with cute girls and sexy girls XD
My sister has a witchblade collection. She almost has all the witchbladers. Always nice to have someone to share your hobby with. And also the reason I joined this site:)

My favorite anime:
-Ikki tousen
-shakugan no shana
-magical girl lyrical nanoha
-mahou madoka
-Highschool of the dead
-black rock shooter
-tenjo tenge
-angel beats
-Love live!

I also love drawing anime girls, especially ikki tousen en shana. (suprise :P)
check my homepage deviantart.
Lately thanks to work I don't have a lot of time to draw anymore.
But I'm trying to pick it up again.

My favorite anime girl is bushima saeko from highschool dead! She is hot ,can kick your ass and a little crazy. Have yet too buy a figure off her:(


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