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04 months agoHoshikoPsycheHoshikoPsyche
Happy Birthday :D
02 years agoHoshikoPsycheHoshikoPsyche
kisetta (2 years ago) #2596299Yup,and Jade is the king of sarcasm ahaha. I like Gaius and Wingul too! (especially Gaius). They're so cool, love love love those sharp eyeeesss ///w///My favorite main party characters are Milla and Jude XD The most human characters are Leia and Jude in my opinion~
Thank you! I guess gaming can really help in learning a new language XD

Look at him !

He's so awsommmmeeee ! ( Wingul's cute, he's the little dog of Gaius ~ :D )And, yes, I'm agree with you. Leia and Jude are very human. Alvin too, because he has a job and no a lot of money and ... Many things haha.

Yes ! I think that too. Tales of Abyss and Tales of symphonia have English voices !
02 years agoFullmangaFullmanga
Welcome to MFC !!!
Enjoy your stay with us!
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the community !d(^_^o)
02 years agoHoshikoPsycheHoshikoPsyche
kisetta (2 years ago) #2594575I really like them all, but if I have to choose, my most favorite one is Tales of the Abyss. Though the first Tales of that I played is Eternia. Xillia1&2 are definitely in my Top 3 most favorite Tales of game~ My most favorite character is Jade.
Don't worry, your English is fine. I'm Indonesian so my English is not flawless too ahaha XD

I never played Tales of Eternia but it seems to be great !

Heeey Jade's so smart, I love him too ! [ In Tales of Xillia Gaius & Wingul are my favorite characters with other like Elize, Milla, Alvin! Well, I think all of these characters are very human ! :D

Oh perfect, you also speak English very well :3
02 years agoHoshikoPsycheHoshikoPsyche
kisetta (2 years ago) #2594558Thank you very much for the kind comment!
Yes, I really love Tales of series ///w///

Oow ! Which episode of the "Tales of" Serie is your favorite ? And Character ?

Mine is Tales of Symphonia ('Cause I was a child when I played it for the first time ) but Tales of Xillia (1&2) is one of my favorite, too !
( Sorry for my English I'm french so please correct me if I make mistake ~ )

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