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A long time anime and manga fan. Picked up figures collection in 2010, mostly figmas and nendoroids. Also enjoy viewing pics of figures as well as sharing my collection with others. That is why i am here :)

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01 year agoSinicalGeekSinicalGeek
I meant to send this friend request awhile ago. Would love to keep up with your picture uploads. :)
01 year agotanakatanaka
klaymore (1 year ago) #2535286hey, thx for the FR :)

Thanks for the acceptance :)
02 years agohikaliiyhikaliiy
Do you know Aikatsu!?
It is a story of youth and friendship! Third season began recently.
There is a great live in the same way as lovelive!!

Episode 1 is free, please watch if you are interested!
02 years agohikaliiyhikaliiy
Nice to meet you!
Thank you for accept my FR!

klaymore (2 years ago) #2364971hi, thx for the FR :)
02 years agofuwacchifuwacchi
Hello there. Feel free to join this club. club #1170

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