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Collector since 2008, and always happy to talk figures, so drop me a line!

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05 months agodogs547895dogs547895
too bad your not in the usa ; - ; would get that shiro off you in no time
01 year agorubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720
Saw you from reddit. Just want to say hi *waves

and holy shit is that Senritsu as your profile pic?
02 years agoreicatreicat
Yeah its lovely to meet you! Im Rachel btw! klipson (2 years ago) #3459769Thanks! I've been collecting for 7 years now... You'll have a great collection one day, if your current taste is anything to go by! It's nice to meet another girl Sonico fan too!
02 years agoreicatreicat
Your collection is flawless. #goals
02 years agoreicatreicat
Thank you for the request!! Hello there!
klipson (2 years ago) #3459629Thanks for the add!!

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