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010 days agoTdubsTdubs
kodamaanime (10 days ago) #17386225Happy Birthday

Thanks! :)
017 days agoOse_93Ose_93
kodamaanime (17 days ago) #17245885Happy Holiday, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday!
PS I didn't know you were in So Cal!

Haha thank you for the birthday wishes. I hope you had a nice holiday season and a Happy New Year, too.

Same here! Thankfully all of the anime movies that are coming to the big screen this year are in the SoCal area. Can't wait to watch Sailor Moon in theaters. XD
029 days agoHiginiaHiginia
Thank you for the FR!
01 month agoShuu_OumaShuu_Ouma
kodamaanime (1 month ago) #16518761HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy doing birthdays tuff. I hope you get lots of toys!

Thanks alot! And yes I got a few more figures for my collection LOL
02 months agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Thank you!!

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