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Freelance Photographer and Writer from Miami, currently based in Ibaraki, Japan. I moved here in March, 2013 as an instructor, and currently teach English at a public Japanese elementary school.

The best place to have an idea of where you can find me and my writing is GeekeryDo ([ext link ]). I like reading, drawing, taking pictures, curry, sunflowers, and all things Disney.

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03 years agoIshokuOseroIshokuOsero
kriskitten (3 years ago) #1039631Heya! Lol, yeah. I saw your intro cblog on the site so thought I'd FR+ ya. ^^

Why thank you~ it's always nice to make new friends. =3
03 years agoIshokuOseroIshokuOsero
Ah, someone from Tomopop. Was wondering where that friend request was coming from, haha. <3
03 years agoTomborfTomborf
kriskitten (3 years ago) #1015840Happy Birthday. :)
04 years agoDragon_Dragon_
kriskittenHello, new friend!
Hey there new friend ^_^
04 years agoanimasteranimaster
kriskittenHeya - great article today on standing Nendoroids without their clunky bases <3 - great tips. Thanks!
Glad that the article could be useful for you. ^^
Thanks for reading! XD

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