lala_lovelala_love hello!!


hi, my name is ema and i love figures !!

forever loving sonico, miku hatsune, and my amazing girlfriend. i love you ana <3

i hope to make many friends here! :)

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03 years agolala_lovelala_love
thank you for all the nice comments everyone! i really appreciate them <3
03 years agoByakurenByakuren
Welcome to MFC. Nice collection :D Quite some Sonicos and Mikus in there :D Though i like Luka more haha. To bad there are so few figures of her which are good
03 years agoTomTheCatTomTheCat Grumpy Old Man
Welcome to MFC! You've got an impressive collection for a starter!
03 years ago (3 years ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
lala_love (3 years ago) #1829047i stumbled upon your profile and i'm amazed by your wonderful collection! ;o;

Thank you!
Yours is nice too!
Omg i want that Cqtherine badly.. Haha

Good taste as well with other figs, native is awesome!
Cant wait for my elfriede (gamer girl i try to get rid off lol..)

Kobato and maria are cuties right? Theyre close to my bed and the first thing i see
03 years agoOyamatsumiOyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3

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