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01 month agoChristownChristown
leitan (1 month ago) #2040201i think at this point my Reis have spiralled a little out of control *cough* they just keep multiplying *cough* -- in 2009~10 when i start collecting Rei figures, i think i owned less than 6, if that many at all. also sometimes i think that it's better to have a small collection than a large collection like i have currently, and i know at some point i will probably downsizing considerably in my future. sometimes the less you have, the more you appreciate it - although TBH any Rei figures are likely to be the last to be considered for that kind of thing...!
BTW i looked at the Rei figs on your WL and i have had item #160817 on my desk for several months now, she is definitely a current favorite of mine and i really recommend getting her when you can! she also twins up very nicely when paired with item #12841 which happens to be another of my favorite Rei figures.
anyway, definitely i wish you luck on your quest for Asuka and a little bit of Rei to complement her (which is how it works for me, but in reverse!)

Yeah I totally get what you mean about appreciating them more the less you have, but It's pretty hard to stop buying figures for a character you really love (as evidenced by your Rei collection haha)

Yes I really like that White version also and I'll probably pick both of them up in the near future.

Thanks for the kind words.
01 month agoChristownChristown
leitan (1 month ago) #2033446sending you a gratuitous MFC friend request - take it if you want! - always need some Asuka to balance out the Rei.
also want to say you have awesome taste in figures from what i can see so far - one of the first ever figures i bought was Shunya Yamashita's Bishoujo Rei, and most of his figures are honestly really awesome.
the Asuka figures on your ordered/wishlist are some of my personal faves as well and fairly high upon my own WL when it comes to Asuka figures, so tl;dr - you have really good taste in figures, hooray and welcome!

Thanks! good to feel welcome here being new to the site.

I also like Rei a lot too, but Asuka is my fav (so opposite to you).

Thanks for the kind words and I also like your taste in figures and I'm envious of some of your Reis as I'm yet to own a Rei figure.

Thanks again.
01 month agoKaito570Kaito570
Re was a good character my favs are Shinji and Kaworu
01 month agoHieroPierrotHieroPierrot
Dunno if you were actually interested in the Monster Hunter Felynes, but I do have some for grabs. Just a friendly lil' "let know".
02 months agoyokhayokha
Thank you for the friend request leitan :)
02 months agoYorunoYoruno
leitan (2 months ago) #1954592oh man, thanks for adding all those old school figures/GKs to the database recently, i love looking at stuff like that.
Then you can have some fun here club #192 ;-)
03 months agoebilhamsterebilhamster
High five for loving Gentaro Araki's dolls and figures! They are so beautiful, aren't they? :D I noticed you added the entry for Shikusasu android doll, I literally can't find anything else on the internet about it! Do you know when it was released or anything else about it?
03 months agoAkaAka Holo♥
Sold leitan my copy of item #2434. Quick and painless, easy to deal with. If only the rest of my sales went this easy!
04 months agoAiakosAiakos
It's a pleasure! I'm glad you like my photo :D
leitan (4 months ago) #1887100thanks for the FR, i loved your Celty pic!
08 months ago (8 months ago)leitanleitan
Soliloquy (8 months ago) #1663679forgot to add the "-DESU" at the end of that last post below this one.

you realize you can edit your own comments on this website right....


*~*EDIT*~*~ i'm posting this on my own page so that everyone who visits can see your shame.
08 months agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bansky Bro
forgot to add the "-DESU" at the end of that last post below this one.
08 months agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bansky Bro
leitan (8 months ago) #1661752カラーちゃん、 どうしてあなたはNIHONGOにすんでます??? \( ゜∀゜ )

私は日本人から来ていない、サムは、私は、私は緑の卵とハムをしたくない! ( #`Д´) ...ლ(◉◞౪◟◉ )ლ
08 months agoDelicateThunderDelicateThunder
Noticed that you added this to the DB. item #168416 Just came across the book myself: the pictures in this walks that very fine line between figures, dolls and fine art. Neat stuff! Thanks for sharing this!
09 months agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
Hey, thank you for the favs an ratings on my pictures, i appreciate that ^^
09 months agoPokeking709Pokeking709
leitan (9 months ago) #1587737i just looked through all the pics in "VIOLENCE" and i could not stop laughing. thanks for being so ridiculous!Thanks ^^
010 months agoshckwvshckwv
Thank you for accepting my friend request.
010 months agoCaptain_EyepatchCaptain_Eyepatch
Thank you for the Shigeru Aoba. He was a very fair price and you shipped him pretty quickly. :)
011 months agopauldypauldy
Thanks for the fav^
011 months agoSoliloquySoliloquy Bansky Bro
I miss you again, hope you're doing okay!!!!!
01 year agoNecobiNecobi Tomato Punch? XP
leitan (1 year ago) #1427770by accident i noticed you were online 10 minutes ago. just want to say hi and i hope all is going well <3

Lei-chi!! Glad to hear from you!! *sent you a email!* X3

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