leonasenshileonasenshi Garage kit Builder


I'm just a regular gal that loves gk building, specially anime resin kits.

Some things you should know about me:

I don't like fanboys or fangirls, even though I might like the same things you like, it doesn't mean that I will act like a crazy person and only talk about that thing over and over.

I dislike people who judge others just because they do things differently.

I do love anime, manga and video games, but I don't tent to talk much about it unless it comes up in conversation.

I love cats

(my workshop room)

I have been building kits since 2006.

The 2 things that I most like are first of all, resin kit building and secondly video editing, I decided recently to unite the best of the 2 worlds in 1 and started a new video series on youtube where I share my knowledge and try to make you have a fun time while watching my tutorials :)


I tend to upload almost all my wips on my facebook page, so if you have facebook and like what you see, just like my page and enjoy the wips and galleries I tend to upload often


I do accept commissions but you will need to check my website for commission info and availability here

I love to laugh, my humor is mostly sarcastic but I also like slap tick and some dark humor as well.

So I came here to first keep track of my figure history and then to share my knowledge to the people that are interested in learning.

I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know, so unless you want to add me, please ask first via PM

I don't want to be an ass, but I prefer to have people I know in my contact list and keep it low, instead of a bunch o people who I've never even talked to.

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