leonasenshileonasenshi Garage kit Builder


I'm just a regular gal that loves gk building, specially anime resin kits.

(my workshop room)

I have been building kits since 2006 and had previous experience working with Ceramics when I was younger.

The 2 things that I most like are first of all, resin kit building and secondly video editing, I decided recently to unite the best of the 2 worlds in 1 and started a new video series on youtube where I share my knowledge and try to make you have a fun time while watching my tutorials :)

I love to laugh, my humor is mostly sarcastic but I also like slap tick and some dark humor as well.

So I came here to first keep track of my figure history and then to share my knowledge to the people that are interested in learning.

I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know, so unless you want to add me, YOU WILL NEED TO SEND ME A PM TELLING ME WHY

I don't want to be an ass, but I prefer to have people I know in my contact list and keep it low, instead of a bunch o people who I've never even talked to.

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01 month agoAmy-chanAmy-chan
Wow, your're GK'S are frickin awesome!
Great Job!
I'm really jealous of the Sonico and the Sailor Moon ones.
Have a nice day!

01 month agoCookieCatzCookieCatz
leonasenshi (1 month ago) #2037539I do make commissions, but I'm not taking any more for this year as I'm fully booked, but you're welcome to read about how I manage them and if you'd like you can fill out the quote for so I can give you a price for reference :)
(ext link)

Thank you for responding! And I can completely understand. Your work is great so I could only imagine!

I'll have to do that!

Thanks again!
01 month agoCookieCatzCookieCatz

I noticed you're a garage kit builder and I absolutely LOVE some of the work you've done/posted.

And this might be a far out question but I was wondering do you ever do other peoples GK if they commission you of course. I've had my eye on a certain kit and I would love to have it done because I am very scared to do it myself.

Thank you! ^_^
02 months agoBloodiRoseBloodiRose
I noticed you have a fair amount of garage kits. I've been wanting to get into buying and putting together garage for a bit now. I know of Mandarake and Yahoo japan. I was just wondering if there is anywhere else to get your hands on them.

06 months agoKagamineKagamine
Hi there :D
Im a fan of your youtube channale ;3 It is really inspiring not to mention educating :P
I wish one day I would manage to get me the equipment to do gks :D so I could also use the great information I gained from your videos ~

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