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Some of you might know that I'm Leona from Leona's Workshop, so I'll just say this and save energy for everyone that stumbles upon my profile here:

No, I will not accept any friend request, that's why it's disabled on my account.
No, I don't participate in this community, it gives me cancer each time I do.

I'm just here for the database and to keep track of orders, I originally was into helping people out with the GK subject but most have made it so that I not give a damn about it because I would always get harassed at the end of the day for working with recasts. I know a lot of people here have a personal vendetta against me, they seem to just attack me and leave any other person talking about recasts alone, isn't that right, Bloodflower? btw thanks for the sub and views, tell Migon the same, I know both of you follow me religiously on my youtube channel just to thumbs down on any new video I upload, keep at it, I find it hilarious every time you do it, it means I live rent-free inside both of your heads.

Basically, if you want to talk to me, do it on my own turf, meaning my official site and/or my social media, because I will NOT reply to any messages sent to me on this site.


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