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02 years agoGunnerMuttGunnerMutt
Yea, it's definitely awkward being a new person at a place where everyone is so close. But I hang out with my coworkers and text them often, so it's pretty cool. I went in today to do some holiday shopping.

Oh man, Nico is so silly. It's really hilarious especially when she's fighting with Maki. What a brat! I love her! I can't wait till my nendoroid of her comes in the mail. Hanayo, I love her in a different way more like I want to protect her. haha Her episode with honoka was just the best.

I just bought PQ for my cousin and I got ultimax. Rise in chibi form is just too cute. I hope we get more figures of her. haha Yea, gotta pay of figures. I don't want to get banned of any websites. What do you have coming for next month? I got menma, honoka, and a naoto keychain.

My thanksgiving was fun. It consisted of food and smash bros. I'm excited for Christmas because it will be the first time I get holiday gifts for the kids. I didn't go black friday shopping because none of the deals were really worth it to me. What about you? holiday shop? Black Friday?
02 years agoGunnerMuttGunnerMutt
It's tough at first because the store I work at is so big, but the people I work with are the ones that make it worth it. They are all really supportive and they always help out. I feel less nervous about working there. I never feel like I have a stupid question. I'm still working on it everyday, but it's really fun.

Haha, so pure. I really like nico in the first season and then hanayo won me over because her hilarious love for rice and she's just really cute. I just wish they gave her character more development. Risette is the best. I still need to buy ultimax, so I can play her. Did you get Persona Q?

I'm glad to hear that Rin is fixed. I remember when that happened to me with my Mio Nendo after an earthquake we had here in CA. It's truly a relief when you know the figure is alright. I'm excited for the food as always and spending time with the kids. They are already asking for me to bring the Wii U over to play smash. Happy that the holidays are coming around because I love Christmas, but it will be my first time doing face to face retail. So, I know it's gonna be pretty crazy.
02 years agoGunnerMuttGunnerMutt
I know this is so completely random, but I looked at your tumblr (sorry, if that's weird). I just wanted to say your kayochin doodle is the cutest. I kind of got too excited since she's my favorite. (Rise is still the #1 idol for me though). Anyways, how have you been? Excited for holidays coming up?
02 years agoGunnerMuttGunnerMutt
liechiberry (2 years ago) #2450521Humm... Maybe the kids these days just don't like halloween like before? Or parents are getting more and more scared to take their kids out on that night, who knows.
Anyway! How are things for you lately? You got that job at Disney right? What do you do there???

Yea, I think so. It seems like they are growing up faster nowadays. It's weird seeing 11 year olds on instagram. I didn't even have a cellphone at that age. It's been good, but busy. I don't really have as much time to post pictures or go on the net much. Yup, just got a job there. I work in the stores.
02 years agoGunnerMuttGunnerMutt
liechiberry (2 years ago) #2442829lol, that just reminded me of the dwarven vows in tales of symphonia XD
man, I eat like 5 pieces of candy before going "alright im done"
hmm nothing TOO cool, wasn't too many... Mainly super heroes, surprisingly no Annas or Elsas! Maybe they just didnt come by our house lol

Dwarven vow 2 - "Never abandon someone in need"

Haha, I just ate at the ones that I liked and was like done with it. Even though, they gave some pretty good candy. Oh, that's cool. I didn't see very many when I went out, either.

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