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About●ω●V Hi everyone! V●ω●V

I’m Cherelle, I’m a 22 year old full-time student working as a part-timer. My love for anime bloomed when I found out about Death Note in 2010 and I’ve always been a big fan from Pokémon and Digimon. I have been collecting since October 2014, but I’ve been interested in figures since 2013. So far I’ve been enjoying it and I don’t want to stop collecting!

A short history on how my collecting shenanigans began
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I’ve been collecting Pokémon figures since 1999, although I wasn’t collecting them with the intention to collect, but to play with them. Since 2013 I was looking for anime related goods and I stumbled upon AmiAmi in March 2014, that’s when I fell in love with my first anime figure. It was Figma Strength from Black Rock Shooter item #144322. In the end I didn’t buy anything from AmiAmi and fell down the rabbit hole in October 2014 with Figma Azusa and Figma Mio as my first figures.

I’ve always had a hard time with picking favorites, so I don’t have any specific favorite anime or specific favorite character, I love too many! Therefore my collection is a wishy-washy mess of everything I love. My other passions besides collecting are playing video games, photography, cinematography, collecting Rilakkuma goods and napping. I also have an obsession with pugs and pets in general.

I also run a Youtube channel where I post videos related to anime figures and travel videos. Please check my channel out if you have time. (◕ܫ◕✿)

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