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megane enthusiast with a weakness for maids, bunny ears, and (esp. pink) twintails
i like to cosplay and stuff


I no longer have time to run the Group Orders! Club or any other box splits. If you have anything with me from previous orders or splits that needs to be shipped out, please E-MAIL me at and I'll get them out to you ASAP. Thanks!

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014 days agofalugalobfalugalob
lilylace (14 days ago) #20975949Haha yeah, it's literally been like what, 3 years? XD I've finally graduated college, and I'm starting a new job so I'll actually have money to spend on figures again :) Moving out of my room to a new apartment on Monday so I'll have the space too. I was thinking it would be nice to get some Detolfs...That's great! Congrats on the graduating and landing a job! I bet you'll be able to get a pretty great looking setup going. Post some pics lol.
014 days agofalugalobfalugalob
lilylace (15 days ago) #20963378Ahh I've been inactive but thank you!! I had a great one :)No problem! Nice to see you around, been ages.
01 month agofalugalobfalugalob
Happy Birthday:>
01 year agomomiiji_kunmomiiji_kun
Says ur inbox is full send me ur PayPal email I'll go ahead and send the money for the panty strap
01 year agoalequiaalequia
Hello! I would be interested in your kaito nendoroid. Please PM me! I tried to message you but your inbox was full :( thank you!

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