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I teach adorable kids how to make video games and do cool things with technology (。• ω •。)

Currently making my own game at snail pace. Please support me if it ever comes out! (`•◡•´)ᕗ

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023 days agosugardaddygaiussugardaddygaius
lugiastrikes (23 days ago) #18612401Hi. I just noticed your username in passing and wanted to let you know that I love your drawings (of Gaius, and the other FE characters) xD Gaius's my favourite character in FE:A too.

Hey there! Thanks for the compliments on my art! And yes, Gaius is my favorite FE character. xD
03 years agoAngry_StitchAngry_Stitch
lugiastrikes (3 years ago) #1675596Thanks for the friend request~ :)

Hello, thank you!! \(^.^)/
04 years agofatman1222fatman1222
Thanks for the add. Love your nendoroid collection by the well, especially Yukimura Sanada.
07 years agonekomagicnekomagic You better be 18 or ove...
lugiastrikesnekomagicHi lugiastrikes, welcome to Tsukiboard!
Wow you're from Canada too! I'm from BC, where are you from? =D

Thanks ^^

Haha, good to hear from a fellow Canadian! I'm from Ontario -- pretty far apart. :(

I see Djibril Zero in your signature! I really like her figure a lot X3 Too bad I couldn't get her though.

Ontario! That's really far! Do you guys have any figure stores there? We don't have many here in my side, and they're REALLY expensive, so I have to order my figures online form Japan. And I got my Djibril Zero online when she was on sale. =P
07 years agoniwa565niwa565

Haha. Good thing that the quality is going up while the price is too XD

Ooh, I see. I never know if I should get figures off Ebay, I have a really bad feeling of getting a pirated one >_<

Yup, although at this point I prefer Alter and GSC to keep their price though. I mean their products have reach the point where the figures released are pretty much exactly the same like the prototype ^^

As for Ebay, I only buy from sellers that locate in Japan. I don't trust those HK sellers. By following these method, I never got scam before. All of my Shuraki collection are brought from Ebay at the time they just came out and super hot hahahah

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