madcowniveanmadcownivean Figures are not excuses to run away from Life

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09 months ago (9 months ago)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
madcownivean (9 months ago) #9382975Lol.. I decided to 'rant' here too since post were disabled, then I saw someone beat me to it xD.
Well, I'd say there's two reasons, either someone is overly attached to a figure and took your opinion too personally, or they didn't like the way you worded your opinions, don't get yourself overly concern with their opinion of your opinions :D

Yeah i did it on purpose before someone is going to bash me or whatever and cause even more ruckus. Cause it is just a diary entry for myself to let it go and move on :)

Yeah I can see why at first thus why i started discussing it but then it got more and more personal so i just let it be and then he claimed im complaining cause i mentioned the same tihng too many times ^^" well duh if you keep going on about it yourself.. ^^" but i now didnt reply and just put him in my blacklisr :) easy as that :) I merely said my preference didnt even say i disliked anything i just said i prefer the romos over the recent pics :p

Thanks for your kind words :)
03 years agow8verid3rw8verid3r
thx for the fr ;)
03 years agoJennyfurJennyfur ʕ•ᴥ~ʔ
Thanks for the FR and all your help with the proxy :D
04 years agopurutarupurutaru
thanks for the FR ^^
04 years agoRei-fanRei-fan
Nice collection! It's lovely. ^-^

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