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I'd classify myself as a very frugal collector. I buy figures and toys from what I like, and try to hunt for the lowest price. This way, I can buy toys and still have money ^.^

I enjoy knitting, reading, cooking and customizing toys. And, of course, video games!

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02 months agoKiby19Kiby19
Hi! ^^ I'm sorry for bother, i've seen that you have this item on your wishlist item #322961 so i tried asking if you could be interested or something haha ><
01 year agoSpaceDyeVestSpaceDyeVest
maddynamite (1 year ago) #2497595Continuing our convo here :) I'm not sure when I'll be in NYC next, but when I do go I will make sure to get in touch with you. I think a Maid Cafe would be cute :)
Yes! Please let me know. :)
01 year agoSpaceDyeVestSpaceDyeVest
maddynamite (1 year ago) #2409369Yeah, it was so crowded! I've never been to a con that large before. My husband and I regularly go to PAX East in Boston, but I saw somewhere that NYCC had over 150,000 attendees, almost 3x as many as PAX @__@ But I loved it! I saw the panel with Bill Nye and Randall Munroe, I got a book signed by Brandon Sanderson for my friend, and I went to the Kill la Kill screening that night :) I got a KlK poster! On Sunday I walked around the show floor, and soaked in the sights. I went to the Killing Floor 2 (zombie shooter game) live demo, and got some free swag for my husband and my friend who play Killing Floor. I also got an autograph from Tom Kenny (voice of Spongebob Squarepants and the Ice King from Adventure Time) for my family. We all love Spongebob, so I'll give it to them as an Xmas gift! I didn't buy anything for myself (tight budget) but I got a blind box toy for my hub. It was this! He loves LOVES LOVES rabbits, and he was so excited to get that one :3 I took a few pictures of cosplayers too. So yeah, I had a ton of special experiences, and I had so much fun! Thank you again!!
Thanks for the update! I'm really happy for you, and it looks like you covered a lot of ground. I love rabbits too, and the one you got for your husband is adorable.
Welp, all of the winners had a fantastic experience, and this pretty much tells me that I should run this contest again next year. Feel free to enter again. :)
01 year agoSpaceDyeVestSpaceDyeVest
maddynamite (1 year ago) #2404431Thank you so much for the ticket to NYCC! I had a great time, and it's all thanks to you!!!
Glad to hear from you! Do you have any interesting stories to share? I'm sure it was packed over the weekend. I only went on Thursday, and it was comfortably crowded...lots of people and energy, but more than enough room to move around and enjoy it all. Did you attend anything special or buy anything cool?
01 year agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Your avatar is the best. LOL

Anyway, please take a look (mfc link) >‿‿◕

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