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I'd classify myself as a very frugal collector. I buy figures and toys from what I like, and try to hunt for the lowest price. This way, I can buy toys and still have money ^.^

I enjoy knitting, reading, cooking and customizing toys. And, of course, video games!

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04 months agoGodYagamiGodYagami
Your avatar is the best. LOL

Anyway, please take a look (mfc link) >‿‿◕
010 months agoRottenOtomeRottenOtome
maddynamite (10 months ago) #1865131Welcome to the board! Nice to see more TaiBani fans :)
Thanks for the warm welcome. It's nice to see there's another TaiBani fan in the area. (I'm in New England too)
01 year agoWario54Wario54
Your avatar... so epic.
02 years agoLadyStarstormLadyStarstorm
maddynamite (2 years ago) #1077008I like your collection of older toys. Makes me wish I kept some of my old stuff >.< Also, New England REPRESENT!

Ahhhh thanks!! :3 I still have so much to add but a lot of my older stuff isn't even listed here (like a TON of Pokémon stuff is missing from the database), so I need to take pictures and find out details to list them and not be lazy!! x.x Love the pics you've taken of your stuff! I really need to do that some time soon hehe.

Nice to meet another New Englander on here~! ^^

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