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maggie (1 day ago) #2106763I have some time tomorrow...?

I'm not around tomorrow until like 9:30-10 :/
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maggie (1 day ago) #2106750Are you around? I have a little time... I'm a bit burned out but I miss ya >_<;;

No no, get some rest my friend... we'll talk soon ^_^, I miss you too <3, take care
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maggie (4 days ago) #2100926Sorry my sister is visiting from Bahrain, so all my time is going to her and the Easter holiday. :-/

Lol I figured with you taking a day to respond, see you around ;)
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Hey you around today?
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maggie (6 days ago) #2096989I'd be happier if I thought they'd actually release then!!

Lol, true!
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item #211373

How happy are you right now? Lol
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And this is me playing catch up from cutting back. This is all stuff I should've acquired months ago, lol. I'm just getting around to it now and it feels so good. Although the yen and usd exchange rate for me is a frigging nightmare. Adding almost 5-10$ per order just in conversion rates alone, UGH!
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maggie (12 days ago) #2088380What the hell that's a ton!! I've been cutting back, mostly because I'm so busy and feeling awful :-/
Last time I cut back I ended up regretting some stuff I passed over haha. I wonder how I'll feel this time...?
You around today? I'm laid up at home under covers I might be able to crawl to the computer

Lmao yeah if you can crawl to the computer I'm around. On all day today doing figure stuff, lol
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And paying for Sentinel Levi right now, I also have Mihawk 2, Z MSP, The Kill la Kill Paper Knife scissors, The Artbook and SCultures Ox King, Blackbeard, and Brook... lol ah
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Lol, started reading Berserk...
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maggie (1 month ago) #2041847I got a torso with one arm missing and part of the other arm gone. So I had to use my old forearm, left arm, legs and head. It's funny, the first run Link has kind of a more 'plastic-y' look to his outfit, especially the bottom 'skirt.' The skirt on mine was getting a bit warped because I kept posing him very dynamically, with his legs spread. I suppose there is a danger in Figmas where the material is more rubberized. The bigger one if this hip pouches was also coming off, just noticed it when I was switching parts. Either that, or the parts took quite some effort to disassemble, and I was too rough. In any case, he is whole once more, my beautiful elf boy.
I feel bad that GSC needs to send me a totally new Nia. She's a scale figure, so her parts aren't really swappable. It feels like such a waste, I don't know what to do with the damaged one. I'm sure with the new figure they won't send the wand, stars, or buuta. I hope the new one I get is good!!
Someone just recommended Wolf Children to you below my post... it's animated well and worth a watch. It's sad, I don't know if I'd watch it again personally, but I'm glad I did watch it. You'd probably find it interesting, at the very least. Dan and I both felt that it seemed somehow unfinished, however.
For Sword of the Stranger every version I downloaded was corrupted somehow so I just ordered the DVD from RightStuf for $25 since they were the only store who still had it in stock, oddly enough. I did watch parts of it between the corruption and it certainly looked nice (those backgrounds!!). Plus there was a 33% off all Viz sale so I nabbed the preorder versions of the Viz manga I followed ^_^;;
edit: I'm reading manga at my computer, if you pop on I can chat until I leave for the party in about 45 minutes.

Lol okay I'm coming
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maggie (1 month ago) #2041798Yeah I've had bad luck lately or something... if I'm not working, I'm sick or hurt. Not finding it too easy to get some time to myself out of the house since the snow finally stopped on my days off. If it's not one thing, it's another. C'est la vie~
GSC is sending me a new Magical Nia, by the way. Lovin' their customer service.

I hear you, if it's not one thing it's the other >.>

Yeah GSC deserves a frigging award for their service, what of Link? Did you get a complete replacement or just the arm?
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maggie (1 month ago) #2041614Eh I have a party later and I should be running errands but I'm getting over a cold and just sitting and reading >_>;;

Gah, get better soon! Doing all that with a cold on top of it will be intense!
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Ugh, I completely 1 000 000% Love Satsuki. End of story, I have since the beginning and it hasn't changed at all now. Wonderful.

You on today? What you up to?
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maggie (1 month ago) #2033732Saw this on a Yoshinari animation blog and thought of you: (ext link)
and LOL (ext link)

Lol you have to contrast that sick art with her beefy eyebrows
Would the artbook feature stuff like that? I actually may get it
I love her eyebrows though, I can't fault Satsuki for that
01 month agoRaithosRaithos The Return
Just got in the SCultures Chibi and Adult Goku
I actually REALLY like the Chibi goku like A LOT. He's perfect, it's like he jumped out of my TV and on to my desk. The Adult Goku is splendid too. See this is why I love Banpresto, they do some dope shit sometimes.
I also picked up the newest MSP Ace and I love him too!!!!
01 month agoAmebrAmebr
Heyo, did you get the PM? owo
01 month agohajusopuhajusopu
maggie (1 month ago) #2019216Saw you posting about RAHs so I delved into your profile a bit ^_^;; I had to laugh at your 'newbie' assessment, especially with Naruto RAH. I love my RAHs very much, but Naruto pisses me off to the Nth degree with those pants that just will not allow him to have a dynamic pose. I adore posing mine juuust right (detest making them simply stand there) and I spend much time doing so until I am satisfied. Naruto has bested me at this, I just can't make him do what I want. As he's supposed to be a ninja, I find this a massive failure on Medicom's part.
You have the same Ed and Al as I do (FMA), I was also taken aback at Al being just a big hunk of vinyl (though my boyfriend was instantly in love with him). I see improvement in the new RAHs as I went and collected the older ones I was wanting, while simultaneously getting new releases.
None of the new ones are striking your fancy? I don't see anything on your 'wished' or 'ordered' list.
I also very much liked your comment about how the scale is off, but how anime bodies are wonky and Hot Toys are more anatomy-based. I want to make some custom RAHs, but all their bodies seem to be custom-made for that character, makes me feel odd using a standard body. I'd love to buy Hot Toys but it's best I don't dive down that rabbit hole.

I dont update my wish list or ordered list or owned list as of late. Right now i've owned RAH BRS,RAH Miku and RAH Saber and looking forward to RAH Mikasa, Chun-Li and Ryuko Matoi.Medicom has always been the most pain in the ass to pose even with their new stand and it looks like they're improving their stand for Attack On Titan figures( i think). Medicom has been making the right choices lately and i hope to see them improve even more. By the way, thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my existence.
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I hate Ryuko like you hate the new WCF. Or stepping in dogsh** or stepping on a rusty nail.
01 month agoRaithosRaithos The Return
Satsuki is a HERO.
I mean seriously, ALL of these revelations and you really choose the dumbass "fall into darkness" route? REALLY? Come on man.

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