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08 days agoNaruto_UzumakiNaruto_Uzumaki
hi i was wondering if your price on the Naruto Ochotomo was firm and if you had photos of them that you can put on your shop
020 days agoLouisLouis
maggie (23 days ago) #2587006I'm so confused, nothing has changed on my skype, it still shows you on there! ;A; Is it roge, rogue, rouge?
It's definitely rogue. :( You aren't the only one who went missing on my list and who I seemingly can't receive messages from... weird.

Still haven't reinstalled, been super busy with work. I'll get around to it sometime later roday.
020 days agotanakatanaka
maggie (23 days ago) #2589826Haha yeah I have 4 now :-x I was going to give some to friends but it's too late for Christmas now. I'll probably end up selling them instead. GSC doesn't need you to ship them back, but the figures were not damaged, the boxes were (they was an odd liquid/oil on the box and it was all squishy and discolored even after it dried). GSC won't consider an item damaged if the figure itself wasn't damaged. But, I wanted them as gifts and I couldn't very well gift such a gross box!! So I contacted UPS, the shipping company, and they took the damaged ones back and I opened up a claim (so UPS inspected the items, then would refund GSC, then GSC would re-ship me new ones). The problem was poor communication and documentation between GSC and UPS. Both kept saying they didn't have the right paperwork, or were waiting for papers from the other side. Finally after many months GSC basically said 'phooey' and sent me new ones anyway.

Sorry for the late reply.

4!!! Sounds good. Now you have small army, haha. Maybe you could have retain the damaged box for yourself and gift the good condition set to your friends.

Ya, I recently learnt that if the box (but not the figure) is damaged, GSC will not replace and they will propose you to sort it out with UPS. Having a damaged figure itself is a very bad thing because the packaging box would have been badly squashed. So I guess you took matters in your own hands by getting UPS to make a claim by sending them the damaged boxes? Would UPS compensate the whole set or just the shipping fee? I am just curious.. or they rely on the insurance?

You are lucky that they somehow sorted it out and replaced the boxes and figures...or perhaps they were tired of the situation haha... just kidding XD
023 days agotanakatanaka
maggie (26 days ago) #2582270It's as I said, I ordered 3, but 2 were damaged so I returned them through UPS. UPS and GSC apparently can't communicate so I spent months emailing and calling both trying to push the claim through (which was approved). Eventually GSC just sent me replacements but re-sent me my while order of 3, not just replacements for the 2 that were damaged.
Levi has shipped as of a few day ago and will be here on Friday, I'm hoping they're not damaged!!

Sorry for the misunderstanding. In short GSC sent you 3 figures to replace 2 figures right? Then now you have a total of 4 figures, one of them is the extra free one? Correct?

I had the understanding that GSC doesn't need you to send back the figures for replacements?

Friday is coming. Hope you are getting Levi soon?
024 days agoLouisLouis
My Skype is louisroge89, I can't find you at all! :(
026 days agotanakatanaka
maggie (28 days ago) #2570434Ohh no no!! I don't think GSC sent the extra Armin as compensation, but mostly because I had ordered 3 initially but returned 2. I think GSC just looked at my original order and sent the Armins.
For cleaning Levi, mine haven't shipped yet but I'm nervous because of my experience with Armin :-/ WORST LUCK with GSC apparently.

Sorry about this maggie. Now I am confused. You ordered 3 but they only sent you 2. So they had to send you the 3rd one? Hope I got it correct, haha.

Have you contacted them to enquire about the shipment of cleaning levi? I know it will not be easy.
029 days agotanakatanaka
maggie (1 month ago) #2566904Nah I'm sure the other package is going to GSC. I'm just waiting for the disaster that is going to be cleaning Levi. I'll either have rotten luck or good luck.
I'm really glad GSC has good customer service, but I'm rather unhappy with their shipping, especially through UPS in the USA. At this point I should have just bought a Levi at New York Comicon. I don't mind waiting for him, but I want GSC to be more upfront, no ninja'ing cards, and to compensate people somehow (free shipping on your next order, anyone?!). Y'know, to behave like almost every other business.

Oh, is it your birthday? Sorry I missed it. Happy birthday!

So you are saying you got the figma Armin (with one extra, as compensation) but the figma cleaning levi is expected to have another disaster since they are returning to GSC? I thought you said they are going to reship them, with extra back to you too?

I have not heard about GSC shipping issues until recently. Maybe their distributor is sleeping on the job>
029 days agoRaithosRaithos Reverb
Happy Birthday J-Star!
01 month agoLouisLouis
Happy Birthday and Happy New year Maggie!!! :)
01 month ago (1 month ago)roronoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69
maggie (1 month ago) #2566959Lol yay thanks! I got all these new sculpting tools from my boyfriend so I'm going to jump right in and make a few figures and mods I think.

How great it is?i'm curious to see what will you do?
OH and happy new year too x3
01 month agororonoa_zoro69roronoa_zoro69
Happy Birthday 2015!!!
01 month agoLouisLouis
Merry Christmas Maggie! :)
01 month agoNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
maggie (1 month ago) #2494081Oh my goodness that is awesome! I'm so glad Obata is getting out more LOL! I hope you manage to get an autograph and please update me on the details! I'm curious if things will be handled differently than in the USA. For crying out loud, fans here didn't even get to ask questions, speak to him directly or take pictures :-/

Looks like it won't be other here. The Publisher said no pictures and autograph only on the Shishiki, not on a book or something. T_T

We will have a Q&A Panel but i don't think it will be as free as i imagine. D:
01 month agoasuna_gaharaasuna_gahara
item #186984

Interested in buying her!
01 month agopocket-coffeepocket-coffee
Hello! I'm interested in Naruto and Sasuke Ochatomo Series ;) Please send me PM! ***
01 month agoNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
We had some talk regarding your blog: (mfc link)

And now our Publisher just announced that Takeshi Obata will come to the MCC in Germany in March!
After reading your article i was already excited, now i am super excited. T_T
02 months agoRaithosRaithos Reverb
maggie (2 months ago) #2463116Yep I'm just hangin out so let me know when you're on

Oh man I'm so late
02 months agoTrashCatTrashCat
maggie (2 months ago) #2460994Hey where have you been?? It says your last visit was 10 months ago but that's not possible because you posted those Hoozuki pictures, how odd! Hope you are well! Someone is doing a kuji rubber strap split and dofla's in it, thought I'd alert you :-)
(mfc link)

Hey Maggie! :D Oh I've been on everyday. :) Yeah I'm taking part in that split although I'm not a doflamingo fan myself. ^^'' I'll get sanji and luffy. :3 Sadly barto is already spoken for.
02 months agoTokitokiiTokitokii Happiness Therapy
maggie (2 months ago) #2461098Thank you so much for notifying me, no one ever does that!! It warms my heart haha

Really? i'm always glad to help a fellow collector ^_^)b
02 months agoTokitokiiTokitokii Happiness Therapy
hi, i opened up a thread to split the dressrosa kuji rubber strap, i'm only getting barto and zoro so all the others chara are available if you wanna participate go here (mfc link)

you have to be quick, i've pm'd few person already :)

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