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maggie (13 days ago) #2398255Thanks for hanging out for a bit! It was great meeting you!!
Same to you, and thank you for coming to see me! Hope you got into all the panels you wanted to see!!
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maggie (15 days ago) #2393900My only goal tomorrow is to see a panel at 5, I may (read:99% likely will) sit in on the panel before it to ensure I get a (good) seat. Other than that I have no plan, I'm going to sleep in tomorrow and then go to a shop before I head to comicon. I'm thinking I'll get there around noon or 1ish.
Do you have any must-dos tomorrow??

Gonna try to get there early as possible... pick up a few items and try to get into the Marvel panel. My sister and I suspect they are hiding something hot... I'll PM you my number/email and you can hit me up when you're free!
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maggie (15 days ago) #2393876Hey I saw your post that you were at the GSC booth at comicon. I've been going to comicon alone, are you going tomorrow? I'd love to say hi to another MFC member :-)
I sure am! What's the game plan?
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maggie (19 days ago) #2387453I haven't even opened Mikasa yet, but interestingly enough I keep staring at Cindry. Her colors just pop!!
And... Just when I thought I wouldn't get hella excited about any Ace rehash or item manufacturers pulled out of their a**es... item #254622
GLORIOUS!!!! I want it last week!! I need 2!!!

Geez I really need to get on SC, been slacking on those
That's some deadly articulation on that Ace, and the sculpt! Lol wow
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maggie (23 days ago) #2382323He came today!!! AND Cindry (shindolly?), AND Trunks MSP, AND Mikasa RAH AAAAND the last kill la kill art book I ordered. Both Cindry and Luffy can stand on their own, Trunks somewhat. My Luffy came with a bent lip, which is annoying me a LOT. I told Dan that I didn't wait this long to get a Luffy that isn't 1000% perfect so I'll probably order another one at some point.

Lol what? Tell me more.
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maggie (26 days ago) #2377291Pikachu tsumu tsumu! I immediately thought of you!! Somehow I feel that something is wrong with the world if you don't own/play with this...
(ext link)

Haha aaww thanks for showing me. I made my own Pikachu a while ago picture #884694(I even made earrings) so I'll survive without those. They are cute though.
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I'm drooling: item #246021
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maggie (1 month ago) #2335185I can't wait for nightmare luffy scultures. My want is palpable.

I've been daydreaming about it at work lol, I'm right there with you... TRUST!
02 months agoTsureraTsurera
Sooo any updates on when I'll be getting Armin and the final price.
02 months agoTrashCatTrashCat
maggie (2 months ago) #2279083sooo... I have to ask. I was waiting to see what GSC would do with the Titan characters since everyone seems to friggin' fawn all over GSC. However, I feel that Levi and Eren both look like horrible yaoi doujinshi versions of themselves. So, can GSC not do boys? I was wondering what you thought about them?
I'm loving Koto's Levi though...

Oh god I think they look horrible! Especially Levi. No thanks GSC, I'll stick with Sentinel and Koto. :)
Btw, I got my original MSP Ace recently. :3 He is so much more amazing than that new version. It was really worth it. There's a downside to it though. He was used and believe it or not, smells like smoke really badly. It's so bad that I don't want to put him in my display case with my other figures coz I'm afraid they'll adopt the smell. °x° .... I put him in a box with loads of coffee beans in hope they'll get rid of the smell. Wish me luck!
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redxmaverick (2 months ago) #2275936\o/
item #236143
item #236142
item #236322

'Dat cardcaptor merch
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maggie (2 months ago) #2278902A lot. I guess. lol

You weird girl, yeah we gotta talk soon, when are you available? (PM it)
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maggie (3 months ago) #2273479Oh man. We need to talk.

Oh snap, what happened?
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maggie (3 months ago) #2273477Hahaha love those keychains in your avatar... They're some of my favorites, luffa especially

me too luffy can't lie face hahaha so kawaii
03 months agoAnshieAnshie
I think it would be something between $30 and $50, depending on how heavy they'll be with packaging. The damage cannot be seen unless you pull the leg downwards. It's just the joint inside of the leg that got damaged. (That's why I didn't take a photo. You just wouldn't see much on it. ><)

maggie (3 months ago) #2246471Somehow the new link worked when I opened it in the eBay app on my phone. Otherwise it was saying my password was wrong, which it definitely wasn't. How extensive is the damage on both L and Lights thighs? Any idea what shipping them together to the USA would cost? I don't need L's chair, I basically just wanted to play with them haha.
03 months agoAnshieAnshie
maggie (3 months ago) #2245204Hi your auctions definitely aren't displaying on my USA eBay, when I try to log in on it won't let me :-(

Hi! I checked and they appear perfectly fine when I check on

(ext link)
(ext link)

Can you tell me what error page you get when you click on those links above?
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maggie (4 months ago) #2185016I bet he will have alternate parts... His pose can't look so awkward for nothing.
I got my Miku 2020 today!! Holy crap dat quality! So pretty... I wish they'd make a sailor moon serenity figure like that. Figuarts ones are lazy bad sculpts. Their wrists are especially awful, and those fingers ARRGH.

The seem must be in his right arm, then he could do the index flame finger finger gun thing?

Oh snap, nice Max Factory right?
Lol you can't compare Bandai to Max Fac, there is no comparison, Max Fac will win every single damn time, lol
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maggie (4 months ago) #2183133Hey stranger.
He looks OK... strangely kind of stiff. I suppose the face looks accurate to some anime pictures but it still just doesn't feel like Ace to me, even though it's Ishiyama. He needs more Ace attitude lol.

I would've liked it it he was pointing his index finger up and making flames shoot out or something? Lol
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Tell me how you feel:

item #221019

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