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04 months agoElfOfVirtueElfOfVirtue
mahou_shoujo (4 months ago) #21431021Happy Birthday!

Thank you!! ^^
06 months agocanetoncaneton
hi!!! it's been like 8 years but i wanted to know if you got your secret santa gift (i'd have added my name to it but manda didn't really let me do that lol). i saw on the note thing that a lot of people didn't get stuff and things went wrong, so i wanted to make sure that everything went ok on your end!
01 year agoConuresansConuresans
mahou_shoujo (1 year ago) #7653597Happy Birthday! .

Thanks! :)
02 years agoTomoeTomoe neL killed my wallet
mahou_shoujo (2 years ago) #3102271Ah, full inbox! lol

AHH sorry, cleared :D
04 years agoanime_addictedanime_addicted Beyond Obsession

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