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03 years agohappycatpiratehappycatpirate
Please rate my latest purchase. item #13732
04 years agoMichHatakeMichHatake
majinjeb (4 years ago) #1422060Happy Birthday!

Thanks :D
04 years agoiNekox3iNekox3
majinjeb (4 years ago) #1418002The site I order the DX figures didn't have the 4th set, so I ordered it from another place. I'm still waiting for them to arrive. I'm glad they are getting better in quality. I just want a Netero figure...
Yeah, I have a bunch of figures from other series, just no room for displaying them. Most of them are in storage until I settle down and buy display cases for them all. I like displaying some figures where the HxH figures are now, but you're right, they get dusty. It's not too bad cleaning them, just a pain when I know that if I had a case I wouldn't have to.
I like your set up! Looking at it I realize that I have a dominance of Hisoka figures right now. But that'll be changing with all the other stuff coming out. I can't wait for them to give info on the next set of DX figures (or possibly a new GEM).

Yup, the same sentiments since... seven months ago? When we chatted about this too, haha. I remember you wanted a Netero and Ging figure. Ah, time flies, yet companies are still mainly sticking with the five main characters.

A sudden thought but a Leorio figma would be nice. I would love to bring him to places and take so many photos because he can be anywhere and still fit in since he's wearing a normal business suit, haha.

Crosses fingers for the next HxH figures -- if ever -- to be interesting! I'm excited about it too. (≧∀≦)
04 years agoiNekox3iNekox3
majinjeb (4 years ago) #1415652Yeah, I really like Zeno, Silva, and Illumi DX figures. For some reason they look a lot better than the first 4 that came out.
I took a picture of my setup as it is right now:
picture #660429
There are a lot of HxH figures, so many tat I don't have room right now. I cleared up some space and I could fit what's in the picture. I haven't had a chance to unbox 3 of them, and the chess pieces are in my closet. I want to display everything, I just don't have room now (plus I'm renting my room, so I'm not going to buy any display cases). I'll probably move my Kamen Rider helmet to make more room...

And I just received volume 5 of the hunter DX figure set yesterday and I can say the quality is also definitely better than the first few! Glad that Banpresto seems to be improving their quality with each new volume.

Ooh, haha. It seems that they expanded till they took over the space where your Jojo, Dragon Ball and Berserk figures used to be. You have so many other figures from other series, it's a pity you can't display them all. Having to dust them frequently since they're out in open space is surely some trouble?

So I took some pictures of my shelf too: [ext link ] [ext link ] It's officially full, and though it's still a few months ahead, I don't know where to fit my next Gon item #131147 or the next two figmas. (´;ω;`)
04 years ago (4 years ago)iNekox3iNekox3
majinjeb (4 years ago) #1398909I heard of the Phantom Rouge movie, though HxH hasn't been licensed here yet, so I have no idea when I'll see it. I can't wait to get the rest of the IK figures. I just received Hisoka and Illumi DX figures, so the HxH group is getting bigger in my room.
For some reason, I'm really pleased with the DXF of Illumi! He's one of my favorites right now, actually.

I wonder how you display your figures right now? The number of HxH I have is getting... quite overwhelming that they instantly filled one whole Detolf that I just got the other day. I'm having a headache thinking of where to fit the upcoming HxH figures on the same shelf, haha.

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