mangakingmangaking I currently own 900 square pooh of land.

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06 months agoSuzakuOtsuSuzakuOtsu
Thats absolutely fine. Thank you for replying. How much for shipping?
06 months agoSuzakuOtsuSuzakuOtsu
Still selling your Big Boss $25 + shipping?
07 months agoFigmaKnightFigmaKnight
Hey, are you still selling that revoltech Alphonse?
17 months agoTsureraTsurera
Just wanted to let you know that the Ichiban Ling just arrived and he's fantastic. Thank you so much! And shipping was so fast! =D
07 months agolilDriggylilDriggy
your inbox is full but here's my reply to your message

So you want $20+$8 shipping? what's the condition of the goku? Thanks for replying!!

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