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OHA~!! i'm mari otherwise known as "polaris" online. i love collecting cute things, especially magical girls! ٩(⸝⸝⸝◕ั ௰ ◕ั⸝⸝⸝ ) ---> even if i'm a little too old for it ;;

EDIT: the "media" section is currently under construction. i have hundreds of CDs and books that aren't in the database that i'm trying to add (>___<)

some random things about me ☆

i love retro anime & manga!
i work in the legal profession ;; which makes collecting kinda my super secret identity! ( `o)ノノ ┫
my japanese is frozen at an 8th grade level (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)
my hobby is illustration, i truly love it. ✧
i'm in my 30s and married~ ❤
pink haired characters are my favourite!
sadly since i'm kinda on the broke side, i mainly collect prize figures T.T

please feel free to add me, i'm always happy to make new friends! (~˘▾˘)~

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01 month agosebastnyansebastnyan
mariijane (1 month ago) #22301580aww thanks!!! you'll definitely get more over time! tbh a good 60% of the merch/media are items from when i was a kid that i just happened to save ;;;
did you go to pridefest today?! i live so close but wasn't able to make it ><

oh!!!! honestly i totally forgot it was happening.....(ノ≧ڡ≦) ah well ive been so busy lately anyways with college stuff and i have a trip coming up too...
01 month agosebastnyansebastnyan
mariijane (1 month ago) #22301304welcome to MFC *____* (it's polari from ebay!) so glad to see another RI-er here, finally!
hello!! and yes definitely!!! (also you have a really great collection like....goals tbh?? someday ill get there.....LOL)
01 month agoreedgriffreedgriff
mariijane (1 month ago) #22292702omg i need that figure in my life (>____< i'm going through a broke phase right now so i'm hoping she will be mine for my birthday lol

I hope you can get her for your birthday! :) i hope alter continues making the UR pair figures, valentines nicomaki would be a dream.
02 months agoreedgriffreedgriff
mariijane (2 months ago) #22232396awww thanks so much! i love your nico/ruby collection! my two best girls *____* (i do love rin too but nico is still my #1!) welcome!

Thank you so much! I love Nico and Ruby so much. :) Rin is also a great character too! Her new alter figure is so pretty!
02 months agoLorealeiLorealei
mariijane (2 months ago) #22232451awww!! >____<
isn't ranka lee just the best??

I do love Ranka a lot!!! Some of her items are hard for me to find but I'm trying!! ;u;
But creamy mami is the best too!! ♡

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