marukawamarukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!hella nope.

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022 days agotanakatanaka
marukawa (1 month ago) #2611301hehehe yeah~ it was really different back then. i don't remember much of it, but the site was really basic and not as organized as it is now. :3

Well, you have been a long and loyal user. I believe that MFC has evolved over time and improved substantially :)
01 month agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Fujoshi
marukawa (1 month ago) #2606270I did a very bad thing. I've been trying to cut down on what I preorder, and so far I've been successful, but I just preordered two things this month(item #257209 & item #278347), then I'm going to preorder item #211405, item #216857, item #272968, and item #272970. The only reason I haven't preordered item #271131 yet is because I'm already kinda booked for April.. Probably going to do it anyway. I am a bad girl. D:
EDIT: i preordered her. :x

Ahhaha most of them are in different months so you should be okay as long as you save! I really want to preorder the 2015 Racing Miku too but I'm waiting to see a prototype first. I have a feeling she's going to look so good @.@ Aw colds are lame, I hope you feel better! I've been trying so hard to stay away healthy this season, I don't have time to be sick.
01 month agotanakatanaka
Hey! Just curious. You joined MFC 6 years ago?!??!
01 month ago (1 month ago)GollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Fujoshi
marukawa (1 month ago) #2605401ROFL. the site isn't letting me quote properly and now it says i'm replying to your post from 45 years ago. xD
I'm going to have to say thats wrong XD That's so weird.
01 month agoGollyGeeItsBooGollyGeeItsBoo SHSL Fujoshi
marukawa (3 months ago) #2444746well, they're original, not fanfictions, and they're all handwritten and not typed. i like to write all sorts of genres. most often i can't escape from re-using certain OCs in different plots because i can't make up my mind, but sometimes the OCs are really weird and likely won't be of any interest. usually my stories have some aspect of romance in it, from only hints to outright smut, but often the overlaying genre would be action, adventure, horror, fantasy, or sci-fi. i dabble in everything, pretty much. can't really choose which i like best. i get plot bunnies quite often that i end up writing a couple pages of synopsis and some character info, time-and-date it, then move on because i don't feel i could do it justice. i've often thought about doing a collab where i plot out the story and the other writes it, but i never give in.
it's difficult to find a website that is decent for submitting original fiction, because i got turned off of publishing on the internet because of the plaigarism drama on FictionPress. i have a few poems on there that only my friends(of the time) reviewed. no one reads them but i keep them there because i'm too lazy and i probably don't even remember my damn password on the site. @m@;

Wow, late reply, again[/]. Sorrysorry. Well that's cool! Would you be okay with someone writing your stuff instead of you? Because don't you like doing the writing part? And I know what you mean about the plagiarism thing. That is seriously a pain and something I will never understand. How the heck do people just take something that's not theirs and not feel bad about it? But seriously I'd read some if you ever find a good website or anything >.>

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