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Hello everyone! Although I'm a fairly new collector, this has quickly become one of my most passionate hobbies and it's something that I really enjoy doing.

Feel free to talk to me about anything. I love talking to new people! (^▽^)

Random GIFs <3
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~Some Of My Favorite Anime~

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06 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
07 months agoAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
mashtachan (7 months ago) #16977650Heya! Thanks for the FR. Love your collection! ^_^
Thanks for accepting! And thank you ^^!!
01 year agoNendo_DayoNendo_Dayo
Yo bro, how are you doing? :)

Just wondering if you became really busy because I haven't seen you on Instagram lately! Hope things are going well for you!! :)
01 year agoAtlasBunnyAtlasBunny
mashtachan (1 year ago) #3461325Oh my goshhh!! That's actually a really good price...ughh. If she's still up in a few days, I might seriously have to get her. I'm just not sure if I can commit to her with how big my September order is right now...sorry Shinobu
Haha tell me about it I've been telling myself to spend less, but then I see my favorite girls for preorder and I just can't say no to them. :x It sort of sucks at how expensive that Shinobu has gotten, but she looks amazing for a prize figure. I love her pose and expression so much. ;p
I was thinking about AUSA and Katsucon, but I didn't really know anyone else that was going, so I'm not too sure at this point. At the very least, Otakon for sure though. :\ How about you?

AUSA, Nekocon, and Katsucon for sure. Going to hit up MAGfest too :3
01 year agoAtlasBunnyAtlasBunny
[ext link ]

Available now! The price is crazy low!

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