maximimonmaximimon The New Shadow EmperorStar Sapphire is so cute XD

GotoDollfie Dream Units (19)


Im a collector from Mexico but i live on the US.

I love Anime and enjoy reading manga, im a gamer as well, i have a PS3 , Wii U , PS Vita , PSP , 3DS XL, Nintendo Switch and PS4.
I love to collect anime figures and other stuff related to my favorite anime characters , i also enjoy collecting Dollfie Dream despite their high price .

I love Kuroneko and she's my waifu !! >_< Kuroneko Kawaii!!

I am Fortune Arterial fan and my favorite character its Erika Sendo , i like her a lot and finally reached my goal of getting her Dollfie Dream !! ^^


Blazing Transfer Student Rules ^_^

this is epic!!

Conception II awesome game ^^

Nice Touhou Video XD

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01 month agoMPXMPX
Hey man,

I dropped you a message for one of the items you are selling. Please let me know if it's still available. Cheers!
02 months agoLucy-HeartfiliaLucy-Heartfilia
Have you seen my messege?
02 months agobakaCirnobakaCirno
Hi there, I dropped you a PM about the Remilia Nendoroid. Please let me know whether she is still for sale or not~ Thanks ^^
03 months agoLucy-HeartfiliaLucy-Heartfilia
maximimon (3 months ago) #19252760I saw them, im currently at work, dont worry ill reply once i get home :) , dont worry either you have no competition for that item right now either

I am reassured. I am waiting for your answer.
13 months agoLucy-HeartfiliaLucy-Heartfilia
I send you messenges :)

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