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04 months agoHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
ah your favoritepair honoka+eri ? you have the same figures how i in the wishlist...hehehhe cool. xDD
nice to meet you. interesting figures in your wishlist.
01 year agospade13thspade13th
Namumulaklak itong gallery na'to! XD
05 years agoWolbachiaWolbachia
meowpaoSorry got none for sale, i'll try to let you know if i see one online for sale :)

Thank you :) Preferably I would like them under 100$, perhaps even under 80$ :\
05 years agoWolbachiaWolbachia
meowpaoHi! Figma Rider has just been reissued, in case you haven't gotten her yet. :-)

I got one on Mandrake, do you have a Shiro figma or a Casual Saber? I want to get one of those within the next few months.

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