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Hi there. °-°/)

First of all, I'd want to note that you didn't allow comments to be posted in your blog entry, so I'll answer your question here.

If you ordered three items to be originally set for release in March and one item gets delayed to April, chances are AmiAmi will split your order and you won't be able to ship them together. What you could try is write them an e-mail and ask if they could hold onto the other two items until the third item is released and ship them together.
Sometimes if the release dates aren't too far apart (think late-March and early-April) they will allow for combination. Note that this boils down to the goodwill of the personell, as it's stated in their policy that items (including items on back-order) can only be shipped together if they're in-stock within the same month.

On a side note, since I'm not one to alert blog entries unless they're Spam posted by bots: Shop questions aren't allowed in the blog section, I'd advise to use the respective thread instead: club/72/discuss...

Good luck!
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Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.