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Yo -

I'm Mia, formerly of Go Figure! I sometimes do cool unboxings of figures with my roommate jessicrotte on YouTube [ext link ] and you should tune in!

Here is the Go Figure Tumblr: [ext link ] where we post photos of our
Here is the Go Figure Instagram: [ext link ] for everyday bits.

I love vintage magical girls, girls with weapons, alpacas, and fashion.

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed your stay leave me a comment if you are game!

~Note: I just want to add that I am non-binary, meaning I do not identify as a girl! If possible, please avoid referring to me as such!! Thank you! ~

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02 months agoGreenDagnyGreenDagny
Hey watch your YouTube channels and I'm friends with Dave AKA Rock God Itachi and he said that you would be interested in discussing figures and whatnot so I hope you accept my friend request.

02 months agopylxipylxi
miishkaa (2 months ago) #19156277oh no Amiami is performing site maintenance so I can't see what you sent me! What was it?
It was a senjougahara figure for 11000 yen, this figure is amazing and I thought you would like it, it was a GSC preowned one
02 months agopylxipylxi
I just found this in Amiami [ext link ] hopefully you open mfc soon enough to see it
13 months agoSillyNoodleSillyNoodle
Thank you so much mia for accepting my friend request! I absolutely love go figure! You and jess are so hilarious and have a great sense of fashion XD! I was so upset when I heard that you were leaving :( but I really hope to see you in some future videos :)!
04 months agoDFC7DFC7
Thank you for accepting my FR! Have a great day

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