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02 years agoBeaniBeani (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
minty710 (2 years ago) #2490357Hey Beani! I wanted to let you know that the pens have arrived! They arrived yesterday, oddly enough on a Sunday (CP doesn't normally deliver on weekends). Not quite sure what happened during transit but it was 'en route to Canada' for about a week and a half >_> Defeats the point of EMS but I'm just glad they actually arrived safely.
Thank you sooo sooooo much for helping me acquire these! They're very pretty and a bit big bigger than I expected, haha (which is dumb when I think about the fact that it's supposed to be in scale, haha ^^;) Now, to look for a proper gift box for the Mars and Mercury pen :) Again, thank you so very much~<3

Omg why on Earth did EMS take so long? DD: I am glad they finally made it though and that you are pleased with them! Thanks for letting me know!
02 years agoiluvcookiessiluvcookiess
ive PMd you about the GO :D
03 years agoAltayrlAltayrl
minty710 (3 years ago) #2243749It'll be hard for people to help you with your question since you don't have your comment section activated. (mfc link)
Oops, it's fixed now, thanks for let me know.
04 years agoTR-AXTR-AX
No problem thanks for accepting me,Your collection looks good.minty710 (4 years ago) #1625474Hello~~! Thanks for the FR :) Great to meet a local collector <3
04 years agoPandeharoPandeharo
Yeah I have sort of, but without subs, but I wanna watch it again since there are subs, but it's different in vibe, because i already know whats gonna happen. I guess i understood the movie based on their emotions and reactions. It was a really great movie btw! how much did you get the whole set? and I just started again back in December. The Nami Strong World is literally what got me into One Piece. I'm gonna take pictures hopefully tomorrow if I find some good spare time! :Pminty710 (4 years ago) #1461013Looking forward to them then :) I've been meaning to take pictures of my collection too but I always get too lazy whenever I try >_<; that and I don't currently have a working computer to upload them. I normally just use either my phone or tablet (which takes crappy pictures). I bought my first figure (casual ver. Asuka) on August 2010 at a con. But I didn't really start actively collecting until mid 2011 when I found the BRS line. How about you?
And wow, I didn't know that ^^;. I found them at a small Anime con in October, I think? They're my very first One Piece figures and merchandise :). I was so excited to see them. I only really meant to get Luffy but ended up getting the whole set instead. I'm looking to get the rest of the line as I really love their Film Z outfits. <3 BTW, have you watched the movie yet? The English subs came out two days ago now, I think?

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