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01 day agoLilieLilie
Got my gilgamesh figma amiami package today and almost fainted when i opened it! :D He's so perfect, atleast for me. The gold armor color is kinda bland, but i don't care i switched to the alternative body already anyway xD.
015 days agoLilieLilie
Love your collection, you have all the good gilgamesh figures ^^. I'm trying to find the Chogokin version for a decent price. He's so expensive now :(
03 months agoBloodFlowerBloodFlower
monkry (3 months ago) #18744486Hola, I saw your username in Last Edited by for item #553313
May I ask you to correct its version? It should be Nobiemon, not Nobimon

Fixed it for you.
011 months agogrendalgrendal

Nice to meet you here <3

Hope we can be friends from now on
and collect even more of our favorite figures

Good luck!
01 year agoDragneilDragneil
yes like below said your figure looks to be legit and I have seen that before as well and yea you need to turn on the comments when you make your article so people can reply! stress less :)

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