nammynammy pls buy my things (see lists)

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look at all this junk i own, jesus christ

help me downsize by buying some!!!
(mfc link)
[ext link ]

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012 days agoEmilliaEmillia
nammy (13 days ago) #23324559idk if you accept friend requests, but I feel like we collect the same things XD <3

I sure do accept friend requests! I've seen your name on a lot of Sailor Moon entries & comments. Hi fellow collector!
04 months agofeuilgardefeuilgarde
nammy (4 months ago) #18543094Lethe??? From TCGs? :O ! <3
omg nammy????? Yes, Lethe from Moonlight Legend HAHA. omg the internet is a small world!! WOW YOUR BIG COLLECTION AND ALL THE SAILOR MOON LOVE = <3
01 year agoAshli-chanAshli-chan
I inquired about one of your items for sale through PM. ^^
01 year agoch_squaredch_squared
nammy (1 year ago) #8286375It's usually the shipping that ends up being the issue... What country do you live in?

I live in the USA.
01 year agoch_squaredch_squared
nammy (1 year ago) #8148618Yup, I still have it! :)

Cool! How much were you wanting to sell it for?

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