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- Items for Sale - If your desire to own a figure of mine is greater than my desire to keep it, it can become your s for the right price, but you'll never know if you don't ask.

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Prices are negotiable and I will consider discounts for buyers who purchase multiple items.

Please inquire at negativezero55 "@" hotmail DOT com

US Shipping ONLY - sorry no international shipping unless you have a proxy. More pictures upon request.

Thanks for looking

- - Brand New, Factory Sealed, Never Opened, Never Displayed - -

Izulha of Ru/Li/Ru/La by Mega House / Hobby Japan
(mfc link) - $150

Boota (Cospa) (New , never removed from bag) - item #35468 - $20

- - Opened, Not Sealed, inspected or photographed, but never displayed - -

Honey – Fighting Vipers (Red Ver.) - item #26979 - $225

Yukari Morita of Rocket Girls by Chrono Gate
(mfc link) - $60

Djibirl (Alter) (Open but never displayed)
item #504 - $45

Saber & Shiroh (Sealed) / Archer & Rin (Open) - $19 each or $35 for both

Alone in the Dark Promotional Figure $30 obo

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Queens Blade Rebellion Huit by Mega House
(mfc link)

Rangiku Matsumoto by MegaHouse – item #413 - $OLD

Kei Kishimoto of Gantz by Yamato
(mfc link) - $OLD

Mari of Evangelion by Sega
item #17918 - $OLD

Xecty of Shining Wind by Kotobukiya
(mfc link) - $OLD

Wonder Woman Ame-Comi by DC Direct - (ext link) - $OLD

Chizuru Minamoto by Alphamax (opened and inspected never displayed)
item #4941 - SOLD

EVE Daiki Kougyou - (mfc link) - $SOLD

Kanu Unchou (Dynamite) New and Sealed - item #349 - $SOLD

Kan’u Unchou Summer Vacation by OrchidSeed - item #1007 - $SOLD

Queen’s Blade Melona by Griffon – item #5709 - $SOLD

Blanc Neige by Kotobukiya - (mfc link) - $SOLD

Yoko (Konami) (New but not Sealed, never removed from clamshell) - item #363 - $SOLD

Yoko (Sega) (New and Sealed) - item #7056 - $OLD

Iroha by Lilics / Art Storm - (mfc link) - $SOLD

Yuki Nagato Nendoroid of Haruhi Suzumiya by Good Smile Company
(mfc link) - SOLD

Mizuho Kazami by Good Smile Company - (mfc link) - $SOLD

Sana Horiuchi of Pia Carrot by Kotobukiya - (mfc link) - $SOLD

Record of Agarest War Pilliow Case (WITH SOUNDTRACK) - item #45069 - $SOLD

Aya Natsume by Bome / Kaiyodo - (mfc link) - $SOLD

Drossel Nendoroid by Good Smile Company
item #6604 - $OLD

Ignis (Orchid Seed) (New and Sealed) - item #290 - $OLD

Sheryl Nome of Macross Frontier by Banpresto
(mfc link) - $OLD

Just a simple Figure collector. I love video games (console only) and would die without my PC. Trying to reduce the number of figures I'm buying due to space and needing money for other things. I like to kick back and watch international films, try new foods, and build a gundam every now and then. Currently trying to get through a huge backlog of games on my 360. It's both a good and a bad time to be a gamer. So many games and so little time.

Currently trying to reduce my collection to only must haves. Will take some time, but some will be for sale. Not all, but some.

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09 months agoKiririn-chanKiririn-chan Tsundere-Otaku
Collect the best and not the rest, ahaha.

I love your claim.
010 months agoTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
Happy Birthday~!!!

Enjoy this day~!
010 months agoForeverzeroForeverzero
negativezero (10 months ago) #2635142Thank you FZ!
Your welcome, hope everything went well.
010 months agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
110 months agoForeverzeroForeverzero
Happy Birthday!!!

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