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03 years agonegicongnegicong
maraiatori (3 years ago) #1706532Your pictures are amazing. Keep up the awesome work!thanks^O^
03 years agomaraiatorimaraiatori
Your pictures are amazing. Keep up the awesome work!
04 years agoGwennanGwennan
Please link your pictures to the figures in base here. If you do not know how to do this - this link will be helpful - (mfc link)
Thank you.
04 years agoKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
Hello there! I have linked your Rorona shotto the Atelier club. Let me know if this is not ok with you.
04 years agoPhicooPhicoo
negicong (4 years ago) #1131608i like your pictures and your photo style!

Thank you!

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