nekotenshieminekotenshiemi Because I am the Detective.


Hi all! I started collecting figures in Summer 2010 :)

Heading to Law School this fall!

I love VNs, Murder mysteries, Creepy Little Girls, and Fate :3

Currently streamlining my collection...send me a PM if you're interested!

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01 year ago (1 year ago)kashiwazakikashiwazaki
Hello! I was wondering if you were interested in selling item #119892 ? Alternatively, I can trade you for the Beatrice in that set.
01 year agoAstrid87Astrid87
Hi, are you still selling item #39162 ? thanks :)
02 years agocellomanlovecellomanlove
Happy Birthday, Emi!
03 years agokimilionkimilion not a lolicon
Hi, Emi!
I know you're busy with real life and school, but we're waiting on you for the Madoka straps payment. Please check your inbox!

Please get back to me soon!
03 years agowasabimisowasabimiso
Pm you regarding the group order.
Please reply asap,thank you!!

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