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I'm Stacey, I collect anime figures and I have a cat. =^.^=
I have a youtube channel under Nendokittychan that I regularly post hauls, and figure reviews on, as well as other things!
If you'd like to check it out...>> [ext link ]

Let's be friends! ♡
♥ Instagram: @nendokittychan
♥ Twitter: @nendokittychan
♥ Blog:

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01 month agosailorlievesailorlieve
nendokittychan (1 month ago) #19802376Thanks for the FR! ^_^ ~ No problem :) i love your videos!
11 month agoYokikanaYokikana
I really enjoy your youtube videos, thanks for accepting my FR requests!
11 month agoTaya3211Taya3211
Happy Birthday!!!
11 month agoTraMikuniTraMikuni
12 months agocryingtrashcryingtrash
Happy birthday lovely!!

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