neptunecadetneptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~KeroKeroKeroKeroKeroKeroKero!


Thank you for visiting my profile! "Sayonara no Tsubasa" is my most very favorite song ever!! :D

I'm kind of a closet otaku! :) My close friends and family know about my obsession with certain animes, Japanese music and figures -- the ones who know seem to think I'm weird. Except one! I've converted my very best friend to my ways!! Bwah ha ha!

I really like to draw (the pictures on my profile are not mine)

Fun Facts:

My Real-Life Hero:
View spoilerHide spoilerI think the journey of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery is amazing! I love to read about it! My Biggest Hero is Meriwether Lewis. I wish I had been alive to meet him!

My First Anime Crush:
View spoilerHide spoilerHenry Wong from Digimon

My Current Anime Crush:
View spoilerHide spoilerIttoki Otoya from Uta no Prince-Sama

My Anime Role Model:
View spoilerHide spoilerRanka Lee from Macross Frontier

Kushieda Minori from Toradora!

My Favorite Anime Character Designs (female):
View spoilerHide spoilerNia Teppelin from Gurren Lagann


Chariot from Black Rock Shooter

My Favorite Anime Character Designs (male):
View spoilerHide spoilerIttoki Otoya and Ichinose Tokiya from Uta no Prince-sama (In their Debut outfits).

If I can think of more fun facts...I will add them! But feel free to add me as a friend!

Thank you for visiting my profile!

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011 months agoWormyWormy
I hope you're still drawing cute things, undead or otherwise.
01 year agocatvillage66catvillage66
neptunecadet (1 year ago) #1840457Ooooh! I may have just died a little bit! I bad... she looks so real, it's not even fair! How are such beautiful customs even made!I wish I was talented at sculpting, I would make so many custom figures... OTL
01 year agocatvillage66catvillage66
Lovely custom miki Nendo
She's sooooo cute! C'mon GSC! We need AH-Software Nendos!
01 year agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
No problem! Sorry for the late reply, having some home issues right now ^^;

I'll PM you my info after wednesday which something here at home will resolve so I can ship your package.
01 year agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Hi again,

Sorry for the wait, I've just been so sick. I'm doing some shipments tomorrow, do you want to pay for Meiko tonight? I can ship her for $9 to you in a bubble envelope, or $10 in a box (includes the price of the figure of course).

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