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Original picture used for the avatar is from ShONe [ext link ]

Introduction :
Hello, i'm a French guy. I was collecting figure few years ago but i switched for a more devilish thing : doujinshi collection ! By the way, i'm still interested about figures and my whislist is up-to-date and reflect my tastes of the moment.
I'm into computer programming stuff like algorithmic, software engineering, or UX/UI design, not something really interesting to discuss.

Music :
I have weird taste : I do not listen mainstream things.
If i like a current anime, there is a great chance i'll listen to the OP and/or ED in loop for a while.
My favorites group/singers are the follow : Yui Horie, Shinsei Kamatte-chan and Bump of Chicken.
I also like Touhou arrangement, especially Jazzy ones and IOSYS/Cool&Create.
Add some Vocaloid and you're done (You can find really good one if you are curious [ext link ] )
If you are interested, here a Youtube playlist : [ext link ]

Anime :
I should finish one day to manage my MAL account but later…

Videogame :
Some video games had a really great impact on me, it's difficult to making a raking of them so「Steins;Gate, Persona 4, Chrono Trigger , Final Fantasy 7, Seiken Densetsu 2, Chrono Cross and Zelda : Ocarina of Time」are a part of my must-played game list. I also love Touhou Project, and rythm-games (actually on Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)

Steins;Gate is, without doubt, my favorite game and have the most ambitious plan ever made in a video game :「Saisho no Omae o damase. Sekai o damase」→ 「Spoiler of Operation Skuld, the True End of Steins;Gate」

Cosplay :
I'm only an amateur photographer and i feel a bit uneasy when i see a lot of them so it's more a hobby for me
My favorite cosplayer ミケ(Mikehouse)
Also, i really love the work of 星乃まみ(Hoshino Mami) and rat桜(ratsakura)

My favorite top-tier characters :
:: still on progress

Buying list :
- Maybe some Freeing 1/4 figures
- Catch some rare doujinshi !

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