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14 years ago (4 years ago)Neko_OniNeko_Oni
nosajjThanks! I don't have any of the expensive items though such as the statues, etc. I think that's what I would like next.

I usually stick with the PA line mainly because they're fun! I only have one of the statues: the large one of the Highwind. I was looking for this one for years...T^T

Question: are you on the Square Enix Memebers site?
14 years agoNeko_OniNeko_Oni
Amazing collection of SE figures! :D
You've got some great stuff!!!
15 years ago (5 years ago)stargazer713stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
never mind, I found what i was looking for!
15 years agoHaruhiismHaruhiism
Hello and welcome to the boards!
15 years agoDe-JaYDe-JaY Teitoku
Welcome to Tsuki Board!

PS: If you love music as well, check out the Tsuki Music Club

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