nutcase23nutcase23 GALATIC PRETTY BOY!............not =/


Just your average anime watcher, figurine collector, blogger.

Anime watching is my main activity and I pretty much watch everything though I favor comedy and slice of life shows. Which is why Lucky Star is my favourite show of all thus far.

I also collect figurines and blog in my spare time and occasionally take my figurines out for photoshoots to make comics, 4komas or figurine theaters. You can check those out at my blog. I also have some pics here and there uploaded here.

I also have pictures of my full collection with links to my reviews hosted here.

Do check out our reviews, news, figurines and much much more on our blog The Banzai! Effect

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05 years agopuppypowerpuppypower
Happy New Year!
06 years agotheNewAmAstertheNewAmAster
thanks for accepting my FR, I've had this account for a while but didn't know how to use it right. Nice collection you got going on.
06 years agoShiddoShiddo 一匹狼
nutcase23Thanks! Much appreciated!

And don't forget Yunamon who is entry number 1 =D
Yup ^^ Pity only 5 votes as there were more MFC members. Gave 3 to you, kuroken and Yunamon. Other two to Zakuro and candy Hachune ^^
06 years agoShiddoShiddo 一匹狼
Saw your pic picture #82422 in top 200 on WF ^^ Grats + you have my vote :3
06 years agokuroken912kuroken912
Congrats in making the top 200!
Photocon: [ext link ]

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