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Commander John Alenkohttp://i1046.photobucket.com/albums/b466/kandis1/shepardme3_zpse657bdd8.jpg

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01 year agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
oh-keisuke (1 year ago) #1466335Yay! Im glad theres a new member in the "Kaidan club" now! XD

kkkkkkk I even showed some videos to a lot of friends! everyone now is crazy about Kaidan! with my propaganda Brazilians Fushojis are all screaming right now LOL , PS I Need Kaidan Af! *_* need need need! LOL
01 year agoLeosachLeosach Born this way
I don't know how but I visited your profile, never got into Action/shooting/sci-fi games... but I saw your profile and Met Kaidan and Mass effect... T_T.. Now, I NEED to play the game aaand after watching hours and hours of videos on Youtube... WHY THE HELL there's no Kaidan figure? why why why? not even one play arts kai? (btw wtf they did with sheppard on that AF? poor sheppard) .... HOT Toys listen to my prayers I need Kaidan's AF LOL... Thank you for showing me this ^^v
01 year agoBassAgentBassAgent
oh-keisuke (1 year ago) #1349480Happy Birthday!~Thanks ^__^
01 year agoSakura-MikuSakura-Miku
Happy Birthday <3
01 year agokazumahazukikazumahazuki
happy birthday from oz

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