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(Credit for profile picture goes to sakimichan from Deviantart.)

Fellow supporter of the Bishōnen industry and market.

I am mostly a self-taught visual artist but I'm currently taking professional classes in college. I don't mind chatting if you're interested. I don't bite much. ;)

Feel free to also shoot me a Friend Request or PM, I like to think I'm a fast responder to those. English is my native language but I can speak a LITTLE French.( Can do basic greetings and ask how you are feeling in French.) :D

P.S- My stuff under "Wished" are the current items I'm searching for or waiting to be released. As for my "Favorites", they are my maybe stuff, meaning: I'm currently trying to decide if I want to get them or not.(My preferences change from time to time so I may change my 'Wished' and 'Favorite' items every now and then.)

If you have a figure I want, feel free to PM me about it! I have a "For Trade/Sale" list for figures I no longer want so feel free to check it out!

I'm open to figure trades! :)

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04 days agoOujiRainuOujiRainu
okami34 (8 days ago) #19948174Well that's good that you're going through with your current major before going to do another one. Since you're a second year, I'm sure that you can select a minor if you wanted to. And some majors share similar classes with each other, so if you wanted to change majors, it could be a seamless change. It depends on what majors you are dealing with though. I'm currently a freshman and I don't see myself changing a thing! A few other freshman wanted to change their major towards the end of the first semester already! I suppose the later the wait you wait to change majors, the harder it will be.

I actually have change countless of times. On my freshman year I took graphic design but the view I had in mind was not real and it just took the fun out of it.Later I took cooking which was in a culinary class for 2hrs while working part time.It didn't turn out well neither.My last major which is the one currently I have is Cybersecurity.
08 days agoOujiRainuOujiRainu
okami34 (8 days ago) #19940288Thanks for the friend request! It was a bit out of the blue for me but I don't mind. :D
On your profile it says that you are a "student", are you a college student like me? If so, what major/minor are you aiming for?
My major is New Media and Animation and I have a minor in Marketing. :)

Lol Im a 2nd college student studying at the time Cyber security,it migh change down the road but I want to finish it.
08 days agolaketicalaketica
actually, I'd say the 1st Levi was easier... not by a lot, but he was easier. I'm not sure if it's cuz I was already experienced? But the 1st Levi... omg... because each part of the equipment was a separate piece, plus the 4 rubber tubes that connect all the various parts to the gas, the sword, etc... and then after all that, you lay his cape on him carefully and then that knocks something loose again and you start over........ and.... oh man.... it was just all bad..... he didn't just COME assembled, you had to do the gear and everything... that was my first Levi figure, I loveeeeeed the Sentinal Brave Act Levi figure, just had to have it! <3 and then I even bought the matching 1/8 figure that is the cleaning version LOL
08 days agolaketicalaketica
Levi figures - his 1/8 figures.... those are the worst... like item #166978 and item #166955 <-- this one took me an hour or something lol...
09 days agolaketicalaketica
Lollll, Nendoroids aren't that bad!! XD you should try and assemble some Levi figures, those were the worst to put together, I almost rage quit halfway through cuz when you put one thing on, another pops off... ahhhhh......

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