orochimaruxsaberorochimaruxsaber downsizing is tough...


Please chec out me sales ^____^ (mfc link)

hiiii :) i am orochimaruxsaber and i have a lot of hobbies and i am pretty bad at all of them but that doesnt matter!! i really love good music and poetry and writing.. i think those are the highest art forms imo... probably besides yaoi and yuri
my dream is to be a good musician and storyteller..

minus a few random figures i got when i was in high school, collecting started for me recently (n the past 2 years) when my friends started collecting! this is a hobby i might not be interested in as much if i didnt have friends who collect..so bless them,.. and mfc is a godsend bc there are so many people who care about this hobby in one place! but anyway yeah, umm as far as collecting goes, i like pretty scale figures and cute dolls, though i am trying to cut back on buying too much of either of those (not working)...
stay tuned to find out if i end up in debt or not!


if someone says it's wrong to have hope,
then i'll tell them they're wrong,
every single time.

times i'v watched rebellion 4/100000 (0v0)b

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06 hours ago (6 hours ago)renegadebannerrenegadebanner
orochimaruxsaber (14 hours ago) #26087051you have a great collection!! and you have a lot of nice stuff in your ordered list :D item #602865 she is so cute and sexy and so is the Nunnally figure, i hope they turn out nice!

Thanks I'm curious as to how it will come out too. An I figure item #602865 will go great with some of the other larger figures in my collection.
010 hours agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
orochimaruxsaber (14 hours ago) #26087678wooaah that yoko wallpaper is so cool, you did the vectors?? :O it must've taken a long time
Yep! I did vectors for Yoko. Redrew and recolored the stock image of Yoko. Back then, alot of the stock images were low quality scans and the only way to get higher resolution would be to vectorize it yourself. It took a very long time. I would work on it 1-2 hours each day. Background was random vector art I did as well.

Here it is. I found the leaf and branch pre-set brush I was talking about. [ext link ]

Some other interesting stuff too
[ext link ]
[ext link ]
11 day agorenegadebannerrenegadebanner
orochimaruxsaber (1 day ago) #26043760Thanks for the FR! :)
No prob. Joined this site hoping to connect and communicate with more people in this hobby.
16 days agoredxmaverickredxmaverick
orochimaruxsaber (10 days ago) #25679141wow, that's so cool that you used to do that!! it seems really difficult because photoshop isn't very user friendly imo (or maybe i am just technologically challenged lmao) if you ever find yours, i wanna seee!!!!!
i bet so many more figures in the future are gonna be made by 3d sculpting and printing, i guess a good portion of figures are made that way now already ^^; there was this really interesting clip at the end of one of the episodes of the super sonico anime, i tried to find the video on youtube but i think it's copyrighted.. if you wanna watch it it starts at around 20:00 [ext link ] it's only a few seconds long but it's so cute and shows a few glimpses of the process

I found my old harddrive! I went through all my old stuff and it's as terrible as I remembered. LOL. So I picked out my best ones.

[ext link ]

But you're right. I don't think photoshop is user friendly either. I was either randomly testing different tools and settings or I was looking up tutorials of how people made their art. Photoshop needs to have an in depth tutorial on how to use their tools and what effects you might be able to achieve. For a program that costs hundreds of dollars or a monthly fee, it should come with a tutorial.

You're probably right that many companies are already 3D sculpting! It seems like a faster way than hand sculpting. There are some companies like Daiki Kougyou who toss up new figures for preorders without even having a prototype shown ever in public. Like this which was added last week. item #618732

3D printing is really amazing. That's so cool how they made Sonico. I wonder how cost effective 3D printing is or how fast it can print parts. Also, I wonder how strong the material is. Imagine you purchased a $100 figure and one drop could shatter it into a hundred pieces.
110 days ago (10 days ago)Luka-nyanLuka-nyan
View spoilerHide spoilerorochimaruxsaber (24 days ago) #25087372yaeh actually i completely see what you mean! I like the hair color on this Shuvi but i really hate some things about her, like idk why, her face bothers me a lot. i think her eyes are too big :/ and i don't love her pose.... i think it's pretty cute but definitely has some design flaws... also idk if you showed me this already but wtf is this?? picture #1804024 lmao like why did they have to give this character a pose that allows this to show?!? it scares me LOL. i think that's what bothers me about this figure more than anything... like yes ok i know she is bionic and there should be nothing going on down there... but it still *shocks* me to see this character naked down there lmao and i'm not a prude at all, i just think it's not very aesthetically pleasing

LOL I was thinking about showing you that pic too lmaoo but I didn't want to scar you x'D I was kind of scarred when I saw that lmaoo, it straight up looks like a ball-sack x'D If they are going to censor it by not putting a line there they might as well just put panties on her cuz it looks so weird otherwise. It's like way too big though, LOL whyyyyyyy Phat... I agreee with you, it's not very aesthetically pleasing to me either lmao she looks like a trap because of it.

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