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I've been watching anime actively since 1988, and collecting anime/manga/eroge/moe related merchandise since 1999. My collection consists mostly of plush dolls and figures, but artbooks, cels, tapestries and anything Tokimeki Memorial/Idolm@ster/To Heart/He is My Master related are fine too.

Besides that, I LOVE western style porcelain dolls, but those are extremely space consuming, so my porcelain doll collection restricted to a few.

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02 months agoKawaiikuneKawaiikune
Hi. Sorry for the trouble, but could you help me? You put an alert on item #552001 because there was no ISBN code, but I can't find it on the book. There's no bar code. What do I do? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've never put an entry up before.
011 months agoCamsue_zhaoCamsue_zhao
Thanks for your corrections!Thanks a lot!
01 year agoneyney
paTKany (1 year ago) #7475236Look at any other manga entry (except doujinshi) in the DB. Anything more than one volume the Origin field should be used, not the title.
Oh i wasn't aware about this particularity. Thanks so !
01 year agoneyney
I don't know you changed this item item #411794. Switching the name to origin, seems strange to me.
01 year agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Hello! I saw your alert on my database entry, sadly it is my first entry so I'm a little bit confused, where does the store link go?
01 year agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails
paTKany (1 year ago) #5523844Please PM 4Arnd.

Thank you, i will :)
01 year agoBloempjeBloempje Hunting my grails

Question since you are a mod. Who do i need to ask to become club admin of clubs that are dead? I would not mind to take them over. Thanks
01 year agoRazzeeRazzee
[ext link ]

Would you delete an item like this, that was made by the circle of the original creator?

[ext link ]
01 year agoPaleLightningPaleLightning M9000 is a trap
paTKany (1 year ago) #3291638I'm not convinced yet about the Japanese Xbox release, that's why I'm waiting. (The store link you've provided is the North American release for sale in Japan.) I'll remove the entry if no one can came with reliable information.

Fair enough, Xbox being a US based console and the horrible sales- all time low in Japan doubtful they will release the japanese version of the game but we can't rule it out. Thanks for you response good day to you :)
01 year agoPaleLightningPaleLightning M9000 is a trap
Hiya, you alerted me on my entry of this item #335026 Checked all the japanese stores only one that is selling is listed now and the japanese picture is added. Can you please remove the alert tag? If what I have done is not sufficient you can delete the entry. Thanks and sorry to bother you.
01 year agoRazzeeRazzee
Can you please close this alert?
(mfc link)

I didn't notice that the sword she holds is of the Saber's figure.
01 year agoRazzeeRazzee
Should I link this photo to the items that it is promoting?
picture #1324824

Thanks for your patience.
01 year agoRazzeeRazzee
Sorry for giving you so much work :<
02 years ago (2 years ago)MegamadicMegamadic
Item #295520
Item #295521

Fixed these two alerts
02 years agonouhimex3nouhimex3
i wanted to thank you for the entry post you edit on sengoku musou 4 goods, i am still new on here and missed a minor entry post; so for that i wanted to thank you so much ^0^
02 years ago (2 years ago)AnimeChibi101AnimeChibi101
item #257263 Fixed C: Sorry for any trouble caused.
02 years agoghostmuffinghostmuffin
thank you for cleaning up the entries on the neptune things i posted last night. there was a lot of them so i steamrolled through it to be sure i posted all of 'em, so i may have overlooked some details or not done enough research. thanks again. c:
02 years agoNuramoonNuramoon
my fault I enter ISBN10 in first time, i add all 7 same time so i dont notice it.
Other program had the 13er in other sequence listed.

paTKany (2 years ago) #2386339What did you enter the field as ISBN?
02 years agoNuramoonNuramoon
he dont save isbn i got all
02 years agoAnimeChibi101AnimeChibi101
Thanks for updating the two Fate/Stay Night Lancer items! C:

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