pandasaurpandasaur i luv nendoroids! yay :DD

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03 years agoKaito570Kaito570
oh it's Kaito in ur avatar super cute ^^
04 years agoSorahimeSorahime
Hi! Nice Vocaloid Nendoroid collection >_<
04 years agolife-omglife-omg
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1476020yea. the cheerful japan nendoroid boxes are cuter compared to the regular vocaloid nendos boxes :)) and oh yea, there will be a sakura miku module. so excited for more modules to come out >u< ..

yes, the design really interesting, the blue box really remind us with kaito style :D
me too, can't wait..hope beside sakura miku there will another module ~
04 years agolife-omglife-omg
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1475748well, im too scared to ask mom thou. but i desperately wnt them for my birthday TT^TT .. i want to order on mandarake, but we have no experience buying online. well congrats for your new kaito nendo, hes so epic and adorable and blue!(i luuv blue btw ^^)! have you heard? there will be another game with vocaloid nendoroids. its project mirai 2! omg im so excited about that >u<

i'm understand that feeling
he is cost really pricely T-T
about mandarake when my brother ordered from the shop he got charge fee 500 yen if bought less than 10000 yen ;A;
thank you >u< *feel so happy and yes i love him and his box really look nice too*

project mirai 2 if not wrong there will sakura miku module right..?
can't wait it~
04 years ago (4 years ago)life-omglife-omg
pandasaur (4 years ago) #1474962LUCKY!! hes school uniform is just so adorable >u< .. hope your nendoroid kaito cheerful doesnt have defects. my normal nendoroid kaito had a defect on his coat and i was sooo dissaponted. well anyways, congratulations on your new nendo! ^^

Yes he look really adorable with his school outfit :D
I checked it and found nothing defect *gladly*
Yes my dad said he cost a little pricey *dad bought him 4500 yen*
For perfect condition and his rare. No regret XD

cheer for kaito. I'm taking his picture :3

Anyway how about your mahou shoujo nendo...? already order them..?

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