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I started collecting in 2007 (I had some Sailor moon figs before that since I was 12). I started collecting figures seriously in 2010 January. (Alter, GSC...) My first serious love was Alter's Nadie item #123 (and she is still one of my favorites!)

I'm very satisfied with my collection and what I've reached in the last 7 years (OMG I collect that long?! :O). I don't need all the figures in the world just the ones I truly love. Nowadays I pre-order less. I can't keep up with the increasing prices.

My favorite companies are: 1. Alter, 2. Max Factory, 3. Kotobukiya, 4. GSC, 5. Phat!

Little bit more about me: I have an MsC degree in library and information science. Now I work in a university library specialized in physical education and sport.
My hobbies -you won't be surprised- watching anime. I also like movies a lot, I often go to cinema, or just watch a movie at home.
Also I'm a Yugioh TCG player in my country. Right now I use a Lightsworn deck.
I also have some collectible barbie dolls. I collect Disney princess dolls too.
My favorite PS3 game is RockBand all the way!


THANK YOU FOR 62.000 HITS!!! <3

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