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04 years agoMirukutiMirukuti
My apologies but do you think it would be possible to cancel my order with Miku @@
I'm so sorry but I don't think I have enough money for this month..
I was really looking forward to ordering her but there was a bit of mistakes in my calculations :c
I'm so sorry for wasting your time and what not D=
Hopefully this is okay ><
04 years agoMirukutiMirukuti
papaneko (4 years ago) #1540874She's 3900 yen alone, with GSC's standard flat 2000 yen EMS shipping, so it's 5900 in total. See:
[ext link ] :D
Still no charges. GSC's being slooow. 8(
It's fine, the wait is totally worth it :3
And oh really? o: alright, thanks for letting me know i can't wait =D
04 years agoMirukutiMirukuti
oh just a question--
how much is she without shipping?
i want to know how much money i need to save for her (:
04 years agoMirukutiMirukuti
papaneko (4 years ago) #1532351Hahaha, I was just about to write you. XD
I received invoice from HobbySearch for my other Miku already, so I checked up on GSC because I haven't heard anything from them. Apparently, the order status already changed to 'preparing shipment'. No charges to my bank account/paypal yet though. Probably soon.
She's almost here! :DD
alright! =D sounds great thanks so much (:
04 years agoMirukutiMirukuti
Hi! Any news on miku?
No rush. Just a check in. (:

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