pinni137pinni137 nyyoooooom


I spend way too much money on collecting shit I can't believe this.

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01 year agokazumahazukikazumahazuki
merry christmas
02 years agomoeyajimoeyaji
eat my poo poo ok i didnt know about this shit until pen showed me her wishlist
02 years agokazumahazukikazumahazuki
merry christmas hope you nice day :3
03 years agoRisaylaRisayla ◔‸◔
Have you received any more emails in regards to Snow Miku? She seems to be taking a while huh? :(
03 years agoJoichiJoichi
Your inbox is full..

pinni137How about 11am at the EasyWay outside Central station on Sunday?

Hmm what sort of store is the EasyWay? I can meet at Town Hall or if Central is before it, I can meet near the station?

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