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13 months agoponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
pokute (3 months ago) #2321620Aww. I was hoping he would hunt mini-cupcakes and chocolate chips or something.
No, Donyatsu is not about cute.
Although he is cute and funny at times :3

described by the authorhidehttp://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320x240q90/539/1hpbQY.jpg
13 months ago (3 months ago)ponnieponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
pokute (3 months ago) #2321589I can't resist asking, what kind of prey do Donyatsu hunt?
Donyatsu (a one of a kind donut-cat) doesn't hunt for prey, he is the prey :3

14 months agoAvalonJaneAvalonJane
pokute (4 months ago) #2305649Ooh, grats on 1000 wonderful piccies!Oh thank you!!! I didnt even notice! Here's to 1000 more!! =D
16 months agoAvalonJaneAvalonJane
pokute (6 months ago) #2183348Wow. Didn't know you had a Flickr. Visiting it brightened my day quite a bit. Thank you for all the cute pictures. There's a lot of love and talent in your photos :3Ahhh thank you!! You've made my week a lot better! >//<
07 months agoS1257S1257
pokute (7 months ago) #2150778Sorry for the confusion. I often use Favorites as temporary bookmarks when browsing new pictures.
Ohh, that's fine too. I'm not offended or anything.

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