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Add me in F/GO (JP) below are my current mains per class

I am stuck between servants

and idols.

... It's not so bad though.

(I also like nendoroids and scales plus a few prize figures and figmas)

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125 days agojzdavidjzdavid
salamat sa pag accept idol!! :)
11 month ago (1 month ago)SageGuySageGuy
pradshaw89 (1 month ago) #21013952Will this fit the kemono nendos?
item #577177

Looks like it's made for figmas, so nendos should fit, but it will likely be a bit large for them. And since figmas have more pose-ability, I don't know if it would suit nendos that well.

But thanks for letting me know about this.
12 months agonendokittychannendokittychan
Thanks for the FR! :3 ~
12 months agorozellerozelle
pradshaw89 (2 months ago) #19790904Thanks for accepting FR. lol must get more of best girl's merch.
LOL good stuff! You remind me of a friend who was so hyped when the Eli Alter figure finally went up for pre-order. She's absolutely gorgeous!
12 months agorozellerozelle
Hi! Thanks for the FR and pleased to meet you :D Awesome growing Fate series, Re:Zero, and Konosuba collection! I see Eli is your best girl in Love Live :D

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