purinbunpurinbun ねむい。( ㅇㅅㅇ)


I'm selling stuff~! (mfc link)




My name is Victoria but you can call me Vivi or Bun~!

Droopy-eyed characters, artbooks, over-the-top animation, hot pressed paper, and pretty pvc are my weaknesses.

I like sleeping on cosy surfaces, fluffy cakes, and green tea. Favourite animals are bunnies, cats, foxes,hummingbirds, and penguins; while colours are white, warm grey, mint, peach, and cornflower blue. I own too many tote bags and ceramic cups.

Besides collecting figures, my other hobby is cooking. I study design but next year I plan to switch to animation~! As of 2016, I also study Japanese Language and Culture.

I love meeting new people even though I'm terribly slow replying. Work, deadlines, two unis and a lack of control over sleep make me fail at communication.

But do drop a comment if you'd like to chat~! ( ㅇ///ㅅ///ㅇ) I'll reply eventually



chookypooh got me into Nendoroid hell. It's an equivalent exchange. got her into HQ!! hell for it

(୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

Posting most of my figure pics on insta [ext link ] because they stay small and look less crappy that way

I also have an art insta [ext link ] that needs updating orz


I love Tamamo so much hnnn


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