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Hi! If you are reading this it means you want to know more about me. I have a small but proud collection. Nendoroids will ruin me but I don't mind.

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04 days agomiishkaamiishkaa
pylxi (5 days ago) #19121949I just found this in Amiami [ext link ] hopefully you open mfc soon enough to see it

oh no Amiami is performing site maintenance so I can't see what you sent me! What was it?
08 days agoBotanBotan
pylxi (11 days ago) #18964677I saw you were looking for nendoroid shinobu, here is one for a reasonable price 11000 yen apox 100 usd as you wanted.
[ext link ]

Yep, thanks for head up, appreciate it. I was gonna buy it off AmiAmi when I felt like it, lol.

But recently I got hit on my wallet :'(

Ya I really want it but I don't know Shinobu enough as character to buy into it. She would be great for the photo shots cause she too cute for me xD
02 months agoYlliasvielYlliasviel
pylxi (2 months ago) #17683390Muchas gracias por aceptar la FR. Me gustan mucho las fotografías que sacas especialmente las de monogatari. Encantada! ^_^

Un placer! ^_^ Muchas gracias,me alegro mucho de que te gusten! Igualmenteee :D
02 months agoYlliasvielYlliasviel
Muchas gracias por la FR!!Tienes una colección muy cuqui <3
02 months agoLittleMarzipanLittleMarzipan
pylxi (3 months ago) #16704073Thank you so much for your videos. They help me go to sleep and relax. It is great to go to sleep to cute anime figures.

Haven't logged on in a little while, but this message really touched my heart! I'm so happy I could make something that helps you relax :)

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