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Welcome to my profile^^
I am a 25 year old girl from Austria and have been into figure collecting for over some years now.
I collect static figures aswell as Nendos, Figmas and Trading figures.
Beside figures I collect Artbooks too. However nowadays most of my money goes to figures, so less new Artbooks for me.

Some Series I like: (at the moment that is)
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
One Piece
Death Note
Samurai Deeper Kyo

I like many other, older series too. eg I am still a big Ranma 1/2 fan.

Characters I like:
too many XD

I am of course reading Manga too, I like Fantasy, Comedy and Yaoi :D
Somehow I almost only read Shonen stuff over the last year; don´t know why. I guess I am not interested anymore in all the tragic-love Shoujo blabla..

Artists I like: (random order)
Takahashi Rumiko, Arina Tanemura, Clamp, Taishi Zao/Mikiyo Tsuda, Azumi Tohru, Itou Noizi and many others

Manufactures I like:
SEGA (cheap and still nice)
Kotobukiya (more or less..some of their figures are not that good)

Top 3 of what kind of figures I like:
1. Good face (yes, a figure with a face I don´t like is a almost no-go)
2. Sculpt true too original design
3. Male figures and Lolis preferred :D
And I like figurs with interesting or fantasy style clothing better than simple swimsuit or school uniform.

Top 3 turn-offs when it comes to figures:
1. a bad face sculpt
2. boobs bigger than even plastic surgery can do
3. a price over 100€

I always enjoy some talking with people with similar likings and hobbys. So don´t hestitate to leave comments^^

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